Hypo's HBAR project.

  • Going to chronicle my HBAR saga in this thread.
    2009 production date Colt 6700 Match Target competition HBAR 1/9 barrel used nearly unfired $629+tax
    Would like to eventually shoot some CMP or NRA HP Service Rifle matches with it.

    First range day at home 25 yards to get on paper
    XM193 Iron sights 25 yards first group and correction.

    Day 2 XM193 50 yards. into the setting sun..... much worse.

    Day 3 swapped on a Burris Compact 4X with AO that I took off of a rimfire.

    Range conditions


    Tightened up a bit. Trigger is still a learning process. needs to be replaces. Very creepy and surprise release.
    Must be my eyes and need more time to settle into the gun. PMC 62 grain green tips.
    First shot completely missed paper. Second shot changed point of aim to between lowest #3 and #4 bulls . Impact between #1 and #2 bulls 1 foot high. Took 32 clicks of elevation out of scope. Second hit on paper was 9 O'clock on bull #4
    Moved to sighter bull and fired 5 . made scope adjustments. Moved to #1 bull 5 shots.. got some doubles.
    Left right stringing on bull #2 last 3 shots were on bull #3. Think I need 4 clicks right windage.



  • @hypo Is the hand guard a freefloating HG?

  • I don't see how it could be. HBAR's used a GI handguard system.

  • @orkan I thought he might have one of the National Match free floating HGs.

  • True! Guess I'll let the man answer. ;)

  • Hypo got a hold of me and let me know his HBAR isn't free floated. Standard GI clamshell setup. :)

  • OK, Roger that.

  • Ordered a Geissele G2S Thursday at 13:45 in the afternoon from a place in Florida. It would be nice if it is delivered before I get home on Saturday. Another weekend of less than 48 hours at home. Will shoot some Eley Match I found. It wil be my last two boxes from a brick I bought last Spring. It was sub MOA at 100 yards. Also picked up a new bag rest from Champion to replace the Bulls Bag that ripped open at the seams.
    One day I will get a bipod.
    Also picked up a Leopold VX-R Patrol 1.25-4 with the exposed mil turrets and the matching mount.

    Have an imported float tube/quad rail to use. Got it for less than $40 on a closeout. Steel barrel nut about 2.5" long threaded externally with a locking bolt from the side.
    Will need to pick up a long low profile gas block if I use it on the HBAR.

    Starting to think that just the trigger and the optic will be all I do for now. I have a stripped lower already and by the time I swap parts on the HBAR I am just an upper and BCG away from a complete rifle. Keeping the HBAR close to stock keeps the classic look. So far $679 including tax for the rifle and $159 for the trigger. Optics were $49 for the cheap 1" Weaver mount and $150 for the Burris 4X. Moving the Burris back to the rimfire.
    The VX-R and mount were $700. The illuminated dot is nice against the dark targets. Still not mounted just handheld. Parallax needs to be considered at close range. Glass is better than the Burris. Clicks are much better but still not the best I have ever used. Tiny hex screws to zero the turrets.

    Here is the bag I got. Heavy thing. http://www.championtarget.com/shooting_gear/sand_bag_rests/gorilla_monkey_bags.aspx

  • IMG_20160814_171820_zps1zvgi2et.jpg

    Even with floated barrel and upgraded trigger.
    Is it the ammo, barrel, rest, scope or me?
    Will try either a 20 round magazine to get a better position on the bench.
    Ordering some Creedmoor ammo loaded with 69 TMK.
    $38 for a box of 50.
    If the 1/9 doesn't shoot it worth a darn the barrel is coming off.

  • Current configuration.
    A2, Floated quad rail, Geissele G2S trigger, Leopold VX-R Patrol 1-4 30mm, factory 1/9 HBAR.


    Freaking me out
    6MOA! Arrgh

  • Banned

    Keep us posted!

  • What is that mount you are using? What ammo?

  • Leopold Mk 4 30mm mount.

    Green Can 420 round on stripper clips XM193 Federal.
    That may be all I should expect from bulk ammo.
    The groups are the same as with the factory irons.

    I will probably swap the VX3 over from the CZ and put an entry level benchrest scope (Weaver T36, Sightron S2, Burris Signature 8-32) on the CZ. Cheapest way is a sloped Murphy Precision base for the CZ and use Leupold QRW rings.
    I have a 25mm Weaver one piece AR mount already. Hate to have it sitting around but I also have another lower built with a Geissele DMR and an A2 with a 3 way Accuracy Speaks buttplate.

  • I'm betting it's a combination of ammo and barrel. The HBAR's are alright rifles... but they typically aren't 1/4moa either. Best I've ever been able to get one shooting consistently is right around 1/2 to 3/4 MOA. I bet if you switched out to some good handloads, you'd get it behaving pretty well.

  • That is the next thing for me.
    Rebuilding the front porch was priority and then Friday my Stepson calls me and says that the front brakes are grinding again. He drives my 2012 Ford Focus like he is Arynton Senna. Ford told me Saturday morning that the caliper bushings and seals and rotors are toasted. $750 brake job. 165k miles on it so it was about time for more than just pads.
    He is paying me back for letting him use the car but that was part of my savings for reloading equipment and remodeling the extra bedroom to put it in.
    Time and money.
    Not enough of either.
    Make the most of what you have.

  • @hypo said:

    Time and money.
    Not enough of either.
    Make the most of what you have.

    Those with tons of money, rarely have time. Those with tons of time, rarely have money. There's a balance there for sure. ;)

  • Yep. Try my best to enjoy home time.
    Balance work with play and chores around the house.
    57 hours home time this weekend.
    When I log in to the computer in the truck I can see everything.
    2540 miles last week.
    Heading to West Palm Beach, FL tonight.
    Stopped in Tifton GA now.
    Not too far from Whidden Gunworks and Cheytac.
    About two hours away from my house in Meansville GA.