Barricade Shooting Diagnostics

  • Practice shooting off barricade tonight all shots were fired kneeling, then standing and repeat - was holding center and a trend appeared showing impacts low wind, prone was center hit.

    Ideas on this mess?



  • Which way were the crosshairs going during recoil?

    Low right impacts would indicate rear of rifle is consistently being drawn up and left during recoil. Cause of this could be any number of things. If I saw a video of you shooting in these positions, I may be able to help.

    Some things to think about:
    Don't muscle the rifle to the point of overcompensation.
    If you are supporting the rifle at the center of balance, try pulling it back a bit, putting more weight on you.
    Don't over-squeeze the grip, as you'll have a natural tendency to pull up into you.
    All aspects of NPA apply.

    The top group is low right, the bottom group is low right... but the top group obviously had both horizontal and vertical NPA issues while the bottom group has significantly more vertical. If you evaluate your position for each, you'll likely find that your breathing and natural frame of motion was heavily molested on the top group, while the bottom you were likely more relaxed regarding frame of motion but not breaking the shots at the correct moment in your breathing cycle.

    Just some general pointers, but as I said I really need to see it to offer anything of any weight.