Scope Rail-Mauser Yugo 98 22-250

  • Yep, they make them. Also for the longer 98 actions as well. The big question is your receiver drilled to match their hole spacing or do you have to go with a blank and have it drilled by a gunsmith? Yes and no. I bought a Farrell rail on a chance it would work on my 308 long action Turkish Mauser and it matched perfectly. The reason it did is because I originally had a Redfield one piece base installed and it shared the same screw pattern as Farrell's with the exception of an extra mounting hole in the rear of the Farrell base. I used it for several years without ever drilling and tapping the receiver for the extra hole and finally had it done when I had the barrel threaded for a suppressor. I don't think I just got lucky on that one I am pretty sure they designed it that way. Farrell isn't the only manufacturer of rails for Mauser's and I recently picked up two made by EGW for a couple of Yugo Mauser's I have. They are aluminum and not too pricey and not near as heavy as a Farrell. The one I tackled yesterday I knew was going to be a problem but I have something that will work but maybe not the best solution. The real way to do this one is with a blank and have it drilled. We'll call this southern engineering. You can see in the pictures this rifle has a two piece Redfield scope mount. The front holes in my receiver were the same spacing as the mount I bought but the back ones were not even close. I knew this when I ordered the rail and expected trouble so instead of altering the rifle I altered the rail. I ended up plugging the rear hole in the mount and drilling a new hole and counter bore centering the tapped hole in the receiver. Like I said southern engineering. It's a three screw set up and four would be better so it's obvious a blank would be the way to go. I had to do this in a drill press so I took a little shortcut. We'll see how it works. Farrell recommends bedding these rails to the receiver but I never did my 308. I have another Yugo that luckily has a Redfield one piece base and with any luck the EGW rail will sit right on it and attach in the existing holes minus one in the rear. In hindsight I believe I could have used along action base for this particular rifle and utilized the second rearward hole in the receiver. If I had a milling machine I would do it right. If.......If frogs could fly they wouldn't have a sore ass.

  • Well, I did the second one yesterday and it wasn't exactly a plug and play kind of thing. It had a Redfield/Leupold one piece base like most of the Mauser rifles I have that employ three mounting screws. The hole centering was the same with the exception of the rear hole and a little tweeking with a small round file fixed that. A pass through with a slightly larger bit for the through hole would have worked also. The problem was the stripper clip hump on the receiver. Some people grind all that garbage off when they use a military Mauser action and some leave it there, like me. Lazy. EGW designed these rails to be placed on the receiver with the leading edge .250 rearward of the front receiver ring so the mount clears the hump and you can do a four hole mount. That's what you want. I don't remember if I did the original drill and tap on this rifle or my buddy Dwight that did the barrel fitting and bolt forging but anyway it was too far forward and the rail hit the hump and only one hole could be used. Bummer. There is a couple of ways to drill and tap a Mauser receiver for either the Redfield type or the rails and I have done both. One is by measurement hopefully in a milling machine with a nice read out and a Kurt vice and snap jaws with built in parallels and the other is a fixture. The fixture can be used with a hand drill, yeah right. Or with a drill press. The only catch is the barrel has to be out of the action. I have done a couple with it and it wasn't any fun. I rigged up a vise in my drill press to mill this rail out so it would clear the hump and it worked. Just took a few minutes more and only have one screw in the rear of the rail however it's a hunting rifle and I don't see how it could fail. Happy Fourth.