Good 22lr for kids & possible competitions?

  • My daughter will be 8 next year and thinks she might want to try some 22lr PRS competitions with me. She is already a great shot with the savage mkii but watching her try to work the bolt has me thinking she would do so much better with something that cycles more smoothly. I'm seeing lots of anschutz and cz rifles on the gun forum, and the occasional tikka t1x. Also lots of old winchester and cooey's but they mostly have 5 rnd mags. What would you guys recommend for an accurate 22lr under $1000 that have good bolt lift and would work for 22lr PRS?

  • There are several CZ 457 models that would likely be suitable. An anschutz 64 "might" work... but its a bit of a lottery getting one that will shoot good. The 54 actions is where it's at, but thats considerably outside your budget. From what I've seen, the CZ 457's have been shooting pretty well for that class of rifle.

  • I took another look on CGN at used cz 22 rifles and all are cz 455's. Is there a big difference between the 455 and 457's? I can find new 457's for around $700 so still in my preferred price range.
    Also wondering about tikka t1x. Are they any good? They come in around $700 new.

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    Is there a big difference between the 455 and 457's?

    Huge difference. The 455's are the older action, with goofy reversed safety and other dumb things. The 457 is the new action with the north american style "rem700'ish" safety, which is way better. There are also more desirable models available in the 457 than the 455's were.

    Keep in mind this is all just based on what I've read/seen... as I've not spent a few thousand rounds evaluating these rifles.

    T1x's seem to be able to shoot as well as the CZ's, but you'll need to do lot testing because they've both proven to be finicky eaters if you're looking for significantly better than 3/4" at 50yds. Some will do 1/2" easy, while others can shoot significantly better. There's quite a bit of rifle lottery involved here with either brand. I wouldn't be afraid to try either rifle.

    Sako quads are worth considering, but they are mildly outside your budget. The fact you can get a drop in lilja barrel for the quads and the cz's... that's a pretty big deal to me. The T1x is basically their centerfire action, in rimfire mode. So it's compatible with all the various centerfire tikka stuff you can find... so that's cool. Sako quad, CZ 457, Tikka T1x... in your budget, those are really the only 3 I'd consider. If your budget doubled, I'd throw annie 54 Match actions in the mix.

    For competition, you'll want magazine fed... but if its a more relaxed setting, single shots from the most incredible era in shooting this world has seen are worth a look. Remington 40X's, BSA martini's, Anschutz 54.18's, Winchester 52's, Kimber 82's, and various others shoot better than almost ALL of the modern rifles. Shooters were actually worth something as human beings back then, so they demanded their rifles actually perform. The companies making them actually cared about that level of performance. Some of those old school rifles are magazine fed, but it's nothing I'd care to beat around at a match. Those rifles typically demand respect.

  • Thanks for all that info @orkan. Ill be looking into the 3 rifles listed. I've taken my daughter to some of my PRS matches and she seems to like what we do, so I can see her trying it out next year. I haven't done rimfire PRS yet, so there will be a huge learning curve for myself. I have been reading the conversations and posts on ammo selection so I have a good idea on where to start there.
    On another note, what should I expect to dial for elevation to get a rimfire to shoot out to 350yds?

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    On another note, what should I expect to dial for elevation to get a rimfire to shoot out to 350yds?

    Somewhere around 15-20 mils, depending on your particular area of operations and environmentals.

  • I shoot my 40x at 340. It is amazing how quickly changing conditions will change impact. It is different from day to day and very difficult without a kestrel

  • @dddoo7 are 40x's repeaters or only single shot?

  • @orkan @donnie

    My practice rifle is a Sako Quad Hunter Pro. It likes (prefers) Lapua ammo ($$) and will do 0.5 MOA consistently. Take a look at the Rimfire Sporter Matches which are increasing in popularity for youth.

  • @donnie

    I was fortunate enough to get in on limited run of the primal rights 40x conversions. The vast majority of 40x’s are single shot. Mine has been converted to repeater.

  • @lathoto there are some used sako quads ranging anywhere from $800-$2500 on the gun forum. Is there anything to watch for with these rifles?

  • @donnie Aftermarket bottom metal, bolt handle/knob, and pic rail are all good things typically. Lilja barrel is also a good thing. Make sure its actually a quad, and not a "finfire" or P94. There are quad finfire's, but original finfire's were P94's and that is an older action which is difficult to find mags for.

  • @donnie The Quad Range has a bull barrel and adjustable cheek designed for target (also costs the most). The Varmint model has a bull barrel and wider fore end for benchrest. The Quad Hunter Pro has a nice wooden stock. The Finnfire II (no longer in production) has all the same workings but does not have interchangeable barrels (22lr, 22 mag, 17HMR, 17WMR) and is a little cheaper. They all have good triggers and the bolt is very easy operate. I would recommend getting one without iron sights and mount a nice fixed power scope (mine is a SB 6X42). You'll need to get the rings from Sako but they work well (just a little pricey). My stock barrel is accurate with both CCI and Lapua ammunition. The gun really likes Lapua. I often wonder if a Lilja barrel would improve accuracy even more. Regardless, a Sako Quad would last her a lifetime. Hope this helps.

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    mount a nice fixed power scope (mine is a SB 6X42)

    Horrific idea for PRS rimfire competition as is indicated as the intended use in this thread.

  • @orkan Roger that. Mine is set up for the Rimfire Sporter match (6X max is one of the rules). Is there a 2019 match schedule for the PRS rimfire?

  • I found a new CZ 457 Royal Bolt Action Rifle 22LR for around $900. Also a Quad for $800 that wont eject non fired shells. The seller states it has a tight chamber and ejector is dirty so that is why it wont eject non fired shells. Sounds like a new barrel and cleaning would fix this condition. Seller also states it is discontinued and is subsequently worth more. Any thoughts which would be the best way to go?

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    Also a Quad for $800 that wont eject non fired shells. The seller states it has a tight chamber and ejector is dirty so that is why it wont eject non fired shells

    Almost none of my high end rimfires eject live rounds. Like, maybe 2 of them. That's one of the penalties for having a match chamber. Good chambers tend to engrave rifling into the bullet and kind of "swage" the bullet into the barrel a bit.

    I carry a pocket knife so it's no big deal. However, for a young person... that might be a deal breaker for some.

  • @donnie The chamber on my Quad is tight. I have not had any problems with Lapua ammunition ejecting. Cheaper ammunition (with little to no lubricant) sticks when the gun starts to get dirty. I keep mine cleaner than most. You probably would not need a new barrel. A thorough cleaning and some good ammunition could do the trick.

  • Well it looks like i will settle on the Sako quad. It is the synthetic model with aftermarket bolt knob and bottom metal. Just getting conformation pics for the model and should be mine. Ill report back when its in hand and has a couple shots down range.

  • I finally got the kid setup with a permanent scope for the sako quad and man was she made for this rifle. She is already shooting 1/2” groups with some flyers at 50 yds all by her self. Got to say thanks @orkan for suggesting the quad. I picked up an Athlon Midas Tac with the new APRS3 Mil reticle. Me and my wife end up shooting this thing more than our centerfire rifles because it’s just so fun to shoot.

  • @donnie Glad things are going well.

    I recently saw some sweet new upgrades for quads and tikka's.