17 hornet factory ammo

  • Been shooting a lot of 17 hornet this year. Tried two types of factory ammo, both 20gr poly tipped.

    Hornady and Federal.

    Hornady had significantly worse feeding issues in the CZ 527 American I'm using. The rims would get caught on the extractor rather than slide up under it nicely. These mini-mausers are essentially controlled round feed, and fairly intolerant of non-uniform brass. The Federal feeds much better, almost never presenting an issue.

    The hornady was loaded very hot. Shocker there right? (not) So much so that the brass is visibly bulged out at the web. Not even worth attempting to reload it. The Federal is loaded much more reasonably. No bulged cases, and significantly higher quality brass. Definitely going to use it for future loading.

    Both the hornady and Federal share the same zero in this rifle, which is quite nice. However the federal prints slightly smaller groups and has significantly fewer flyers. I attribute this to significantly higher quality brass. Both hornady and Federal track with each other out to 300yds, and share an approximate 3600fps muzzle velocity.

    The decision on which to buy and recommend is simple for me. Federal has proven to be the best and safest performer. I also like the 50rnd boxes of the Federal vs the 25rnd boxes provided by hornady.