6.5CM 20" Barrel Load data developement help.

  • Anyone running a 20" barrel 6.5 creedmoor? Its my first creedmoor and im looking for load advive for the shorter barrel. I know most run 22-26". I bought it used.
    Savage 10 action
    criterion 1-8 Bull barrel target crown
    DBM mag kit. Measured chamber with Hornady gauge .
    I can load 140 RDF 2.890 to lands smooth bolt lift.

    Thanks for any help you can give. Im thinking 130s may be best to get speed up but unsure.


  • Load dev for a 20" barrel isn't really any different than load dev on a longer barrel. Start low, work up... find the node and stick with it.


    Here's an article on load dev I wrote a few years ago on the subject.

    You might have a look at the berger 135's, H4350, and Lapua brass. Start load of around 38gr should be fine. Obviously bullet choice will be determined largely by your desired application, as well as what performs well in that particular barrel.