Trump on suppressors “I don’t like them”


    Trump is no friend of gun owners, Republicans are no friends of gun owners. Trump said this before he banned bumpstocks.

  • Anyone that assigns blame for tragedy on an inanimate object is mentally ill.

    Simple as that.

  • An update on the story.

    He asked the president if he would now consider banning silencers on guns after the Virginia Beach outrage in which high-capacity magazine were also used.

    Trump replied that he 'didn't like the idea of them' and was would 'serious look at' banning the noise suppressors.

    He added: 'I don't like them [silencers]. No body's talked about the silencers very much, they did talk about the bump stocks and we had it banned and we're looking at that, I'm going to seriously look at it [a ban].

    'I don't like the idea of what's happening, what's going on is crazy, with schools.'

  • from GOA...send it

    You were elected in 2016 on a promise to protect the Second Amendment.

    Gun owners in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin -- swing states that elected you president -- were and are a key part of your base.

    But now, we must warn you that some gun owners may not show up to vote for you again if you play into the anti-gunners’ trap and ban firearm suppressors. Losing just a few thousand votes in those states could put a crazed anti-gun Democrat in the White House.

    We ask that you tune out the hysterical and sensationalist cable media shows and listen to the truth about firearm suppressors, directly from your base:

    1. The media continues to call suppressors “gun silencers” to frighten Americans into thinking that killers are roaming our streets firing guns that are impossible to be heard by the human ear like in the movies. That is FALSE.

    2. Firearm suppressors simply reduce the sound of a gun to protect the gun owner’s hearing. They are recommended by the CDC as a health safety device and are already heavily regulated.

    3. What happened in Virginia Beach was truly devastating. But a ban on firearm suppressors would not have saved one single life. Like any ban, it would only take firearms out of the hands of honest Americans.

    Your own son, Donald J. Trump, Jr. has endorsed firearms suppressors, acknowledging that they serve a key role in protecting the health of many gun-owning Americans.

    President Trump, you listened to us in 2016. Now please uphold your oath to protect the Constitution and listen to us again as we approach 2020. Do not cave to the hysteria of the anti-gun mob. Protect our God-given rights.

  • another one:

    Mr. President, I am against any ban on suppressors!

    Dear Mr. President:

    We write to you today to express our sincere concerns regarding your recent comments about suppressors. In 2016, the firearms community was the cornerstone of your base. We turned out to the polls in droves because you gave the country your word that you would protect and defend the Second Amendment. Further exploration of a ban on suppressors, which would require legislation, would be tantamount to abandoning that pledge. It would drive an irreconcilable wedge between gun owners and your administration, alienating the very base you need in 2020. Rather than succumbing to fake news, we ask that you allow us to dispel the anti-gun myths and misconceptions about suppressors that many liberals in Hollywood and the mainstream media want you to believe.

    Also known as silencers, moderators, mufflers, and cans, suppressors are hearing protection devices that reduce the sound of a gunshot to less dangerous levels. In fact, like hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans, your sons and grandchildren use suppressors to help protect their hearing while hunting and recreationally shooting. When asked why he uses suppressors, Donald Trump Jr. said, “it’s about safety”. Regardless of what they are called, it is important to note that no device can actually silence the noise of a gunshot. Even the quietest suppressed gunshots are as loud or louder than a jackhammer striking cement.

    Suppressors, which are classified as firearms under Federal law, are among the most heavily regulated items in the country. Nonetheless, there are over 1,650,000 legally obtained suppressors in circulation in the 42 states where they are currently legal to own. In order to purchase a suppressor, buyers must live in a state where they are legal, send in an application including fingerprints and passport photos to ATF, pay a $200 transfer tax, notify their Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO), pass an FBI NICS background check, and wait an indeterminate amount of time for ATF to process the application. As of June 2019, average wait times range between 5 to 18 months.

    The existing regulations on suppressors are already bad enough; the excessive wait times, burdensome application process, and $200 tax deter hundreds of thousands of gun owners from buying suppressors each year. Every component of every suppressor in circulation within the U.S. is made entirely in America. Instead of bans, we should discuss ways that we can work together to modernize the regulations, advance personal liberties, and create thousands of new American jobs.

    Mr. President, we would like nothing more than to continue supporting and working together with your administration. On behalf of the firearms community, we ask for your support as well.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • You can also contact the prez via this link:

    He even wrote me back.