Road maintenance? More like road destruction.

  • For the last several years, we have been dealing with a road maintainer operator that seems hell-bent on destroying our roads. Now I'm not in construction... nor have I ever built a road. Yet I know enough that the goal is to crown the road, so the water runs off, into the ditch.

    This guy comes through, and digs a trench in the top of the road on both sides, absolutely ensuring the water stays on the road. He digs in, and lays all the gravel, along with a shit load of black dirt from the shoulder, on the other side of the road. It's big enough of a dirt pile along the entire length of the road, that even a full size lifted pickup would get damaged if you hit it. In the pic below, you can see what is at the bottom of EVERY hill when it rains. Up ahead, you can see where the city maintained road starts, and his control of the road ends. That's the part of the road that actually resembles a gravel road and DOESN'T have trenches dug on each side of it, completely obliterating the chance of water running off.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, if there are any grader operators among us... but is this not totally retarded?


  • LMAO That is obviously frickin retarded.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Yea never drove a grader for that purpose.

    But they suck around here as well, not that bad. But they don't know how to cut washboard out, if I go faster then 15 in some parts of the roads I can't control my vehicle they're so bad.

    They're putting up a ton of wind towers up here, and everyone was complaining they were going to destroy the roads with all the traffic.

    Those are the best maintained roads in 100 miles or better, those guys know what they're doing.

  • Dad is a retired civil engineer. Built roads and bridges for 40 years.
    That is BS.
    One pass down each side would roll that grass all the way off so the water will reach the ditch.
    Send that picture to the county manager.
    It will just continue to get worse.

  • I am not an engineer, but I have heard this and it makes sense. A gravel road needs three passes to grade it properly. The first pass pushes gravel toward the center from the right. The second pass turns around and pushes the gravel from the other side to the center. The third pass crowns the center and knocks down the Pile of gravel in the center.

    Problem is that most road crews try to do this in two passes instead of three and end up with a pile on one side or the other of the road. They don't want to make the third pass because it takes longer and it leaves them at the other end to come back doing nothing. (Lazy)

    Again...I have no experience...but this is what I have heard and it makes sense.