New 200gr SMK for .308

  • So I saw the new 200gr SMK has a .715 G1 BC and thought I would try loading them for my TS Customs .308. My goal was 2450fps, which according to Strelok Pro should stay over 1130fps past 1500 yards. The Sierra data says to load them to 3.150" but due to my chamber dimensions I'm limited to 3.100" which is .013" off the lands. These are single feed only, which for the intended purpose is perfectly adequate. So during load development I found a sweet spot with a 3 shot group .24" at 100 yards. I got a chance to shoot these at almost 900 yards this Sunday and as long as my wind call was correct they sailed right on in. I did start at 300 yards and worked my way out in 100 yard increments. I'm hoping to get a chance to send a few at 1350 yards next month.

  • I have been loading for the Berger 200.20X over the last few months. 43.0 of N150 ,with small primer Lapua .308 brass, gives me 2450 out of a 24" Bartlein barreled Howa. Loaded to 3.070 which is .015 off the lands.
    Some of the 1000 yard FTR shooters are loading these past 45.0 with this powder.
    As to the N150 it seems/feels a smoother recoil pulse than Varget, the only other powder I tried.

  • Im loading these with 39.3gr of Varget. I did this out of curiosity because Sierra states on the package that it requires a 1-9 or faster to stabilize. I just wanted to see if it was going to work out of my 1-10. At 895 yards it seems to be just fine. But we shall see if the trend continues.

  • That is a considerable difference in BC between the Sierra and the Berger.
    .715 vs .640
    What is your barrel length?

  • @mamalukino 26" benchmark MTU with 5r rifling

  • @gunguy308 are you getting the 2450 mv with that 39.3 varget load?

  • @mamalukino yes sir

  • This is my 100 yard group

  • Very nice !

  • Went shooting today and found a cliff face at 1300 yards to test my 200gr SMK Load, drop was spot on, 15.1 Mils, that rock had no clue what hit it lol.

  • As an update. I have the 200gr SMK going 2600fps now with 41.6gr Varget, no signs of pressure and easy bolt lift. Using Lapua brass. Gonna hang a steel plate at 1600 yards and can back up an additional 700 yards if needed for a total of 2300 yards. Plate will be 3/8" 24x24 AR500 (cost $120.00) and 5/16 chain (25'x2) to hang it ($60.00). Will be filming the target with my new 11-33x vortex Razor spotting scope and PhoneSkope adaptor. I have enough in my turret and reticle for 2200 yards.