YouTube Video Of The Day

  • What's the coolest video you saw on youtube today?

    I'll start it off with a shameless viewing of this gigantic coyote we shot this fall!

  • Nice shot! How big was it and how far?

    I'm guessing 250 yards and 60 lbs

  • @superman1216 said:

    Nice shot! How big was it and how far?

    I'm guessing 250 yards and 60 lbs

    Ended up being 57lbs and 175yds if memory serves.

  • i was close :smiley:

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  • I love Louisiana. I love this video. Makes me proud of the state where I was raised.

  • haha! Nice.

  • Where is that? Chicago?:confused:

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  • @irish
    Need to get rid of the kiss ass PC politicians. Black lies matter must of raised a hissy because he was going after some of their upstanding members.

  • Just more proof that society will not abide people that stand for what they believe in, and speak their hearts. If you tell the truth, you will be hounded into oblivion. I've experienced this myself for many years.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again... it needs to get worse, before it can get better.

    Once things get so bad, that the liberal cry babies are BEGGING for our protection, we will have a chance to make things right again. Until then, they will fight us at every turn, thinking they are doing what is right.

  • Love this guy's videos.

  • This POS only got 5 years in a club fed type of prison; he should have been sentenced to 100+ years. Crony politicians at work.

  • If you or I would be facing the charges he was facing, we'd have received LIFE behind bars. No question about it. It would have been national news on every channel and on every website for MONTHS. You'd have seen nothing else anywhere, just the story about how a gun nut was trafficking firearms.

    Yet this guy gets caught in one of the largest firearms criminal conspiracy's since "fast and furious," and gets a slap on the wrist.

    We all see this, over and over again. Politicians are allowed to live by a completely different set of rules than we are. There is a word for that.


  • Some night time pig hunting

  • Disgusting.

    They won't do one goddamn thing about all the people getting killed in chicago this weekend... but they'll happily setup a road block and kill some old cowboy.

    Ruby Ridge
    ... no one cared to hold the government accountable. This will happen more.

  • I know I'm in the minority here but that video doesn't change my opinion.

    Wrong time and place for that fight.

  • That was hard to watch. He had said that he'd rather die then go into custody. He did get his wish. Who truly knows what he was trying to get in his pocket/jacket...could have been his cell to document. Insane. And good hell, to keep shooting at the vehicle afterward and all that. Freaking nuts.

  • It seems that the LEOs were trying to instigate a shootout with those in the truck; leave no witnesses.

  • @rhyno said:

    I know I'm in the minority here but that video doesn't change my opinion.

    Wrong time and place for that fight.

    Being in the minority or majority has no bearing on the discussion that takes place on Gunhive. Here, logic trumps all. If you have a viewpoint to share, share it, and do so by competently explaining your position. :)

    If that was the wrong time and place, what is the right time and place?

    The message sent was loud and clear. If you resist the government, they will engineer a situation to ensure they can arrest you or kill you without any repercussions. This whole thing has filled me with questions. When they come to take you away, will that be the right time? If they do it in your home, will that be the right place? Will anyone stand with you before or after your death?

    Government's take money from people and kill them. It's almost all they do well. They can do nothing without our money, and if we don't give it to them, they will arrest us. If you resist that arrest, they will kill you. Is this not true? If you resist arrest, no matter how un-Constitutional the police action, you are considered a criminal. Ask German Jews about that. They trusted in the law. They trusted their government. Even as they were being carted away to concentration camps. They did not resist, and 5-6 million of them were herded to their deaths like cattle to the slaughter.

    You think this downward slope we're slipping down in this country can't lead to that end? I would encourage you to seek out and talk to someone that survived a concentration camp. One that is willing to tell of it. I did that once, and I'll never do it again. It was the darkest few hours of conversation I can recall in my lifetime.

    I can concede a lot of points against the people that went to Oregon. It's pretty clear that a lot of them aren't too bright. Yet I cannot concede that people that stand against tyranny do not deserve the support of American citizens. The fight doesn't tailor to your needs. You tailor yourself to it. I wonder how serious things will have to get before people wake up to this fact.

  • Mother fuckers will come up in arms by the millions if some punk ass thug gets shot by a cop, but these people were being shot up and pinned down by federal agents and no one gives a shit. This fucking sickens me. I'd rather die shooting back than die with my dick in my hand and do nothing.

  • @orkan when the bundys were standing up to the government in their own state, near there own land it was fine.

    The place and timing of that was right.

    But when they travel across the nation, to a community they do not belong to, claim they do it for people who come out against them, that is not.

    Without any local support it was doomed from the start, one could argue that it set the things they were fighting for backwards.

    Fighting the government isn't easy, it certainly isn't as easy as every one would like to believe. That's one reason why the founding fathers were so brilliant.

    If you can't win the support of the locals, you're doomed, the Bundys had that at their ranch in their state. They didn't have it in Oregon.

    The locals looked at them more like foreign invaders then anything, and when that happens they'll back the government.

    Superman mentioned the BLM movement, and it's interesting, I would argue the cause is way less worthy then the Bundys, yet it has gained enough attention and momentum to influence the presidential race.

    It's a complex thing, I don't agree with what the FBI did, I don't agree with what the Bundys did, it's a mess, unfortunately most people don't feel that way, most people sided with the government, and most people who were undecided sided with the government when the Bundys ran.

    That all played into their plan and it's unfortunate the Bundys couldn't forsee that.

  • Reading that article reminds me of ruby ridge, and waco.

    Yet Americans will still find every excuse to give the government a pass for killing that man.

    However, when black riots are going on, they will stand by and watch as an entire city burns.

  • This is why we carry

    [link text]

    (link url)

  • LOL, yes sir!!

  • Love TjSotomayor's vids. The dude gets it!

  • The opening quote here is great.

  • @superman1216 holy crap I finally got to watch that and it's great.

  • Watched that the other day. Laughed a few times.

  • Stumbled on this today somehow.

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  • HaHaHa, that was good... Helicopter tails :laughing:

  • Awesome!

  • Jerry Miculek is awesome.

  • HMMmmmm, duck hunting:satisfied:

  • @rhyno
    Leave it to a Cajun to do some funny shit like this

  • ... and then someone does something stupid and blows his leg off with tannerite.

    Sheriff says he gets several complaints per week? Guessing this LEO is as prone to exaggeration as most when they get in front of a camera.

  • As Forest's Mama used to say, 'Stupid is as Stupid does'.

  • Look at that thing explode.

  • ONLY 8 bucks a shot.....

  • How many shots do they get for this challenge?

  • @orkan 10 rounds and 10 minutes.

  • @orkan

    and if you can't do it in ten you can try again in an hour. (IIRC I read the rules a few months back)

  • lol...
    Well, I guess its time for Gunhive to start doing a "challenge" like that. One for each section of the forums or something.

    I'll run the Advanced Precision Rifle challenge... and I'm thinking 2 rounds, 1000yds... first 2 rounds of the day. Fail, and try again a different day. This "every kid gets a trophy" shit is out of hand. Hey, he got his sticker though!!! :D

    Yes, yes I know... I'm a dick. :cry:


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