October Elk Hunt Idaho

  • I have booked a hunt and there is a list of stuff I will need to acquire over the next few months. I will need a pack, some new hunting clothes due to only having cold weather bibs and jacket. So any suggestions would be most helpful. I did read the Eberlstock thread.

  • Pnuma Outdoors
    Great clothes. Lifetime warranty. I have several pieces from them and they are all well thought out.

    Depending on how much space you need, the low drag pack will be better. I bought the gunslinger 2, and it is comfortable, but I did not need all of the extra space that the pack offered.

  • I would opt for Sitka or Kuiu clothing. Sitka has a more generous fit, Kuiu is cut more athletically and is a little more techinically built and designed. Both are very light for their respective warmth. The Pnuma is pretty nice stuff - I have it as well as Sitka and Kuiu garments - but it is heavy and not cut as ergonomically. I find it not as comfortable to wear all day as my Kuiu or Sitka gear.
    I prefer Kuiu for their pants, their hip vents dump heat incredibly fast to help regulate temp as activity levels change.

    You'll want plenty of layers. I like a light tee or long sleeve, under a 1/4-zip merino, under a down vest, under a good soft shell. Kuiu's zipoff bottom leggings are maybe the most amazing piece of clothing ever. They are capri length so they don't rub your shins in your boots, and the full length side zippers allow you to take them off mid-day without having to take off your boots.

    I have a Kuiu 3200 pack and it carries weight far better than my Eberlestock. My Eberlestock is only used for rifle matches now, and I only use the scabbard for rain gear or as a catch all.
    You'll definitely need a pack with a good frame if you're going to be packing any kind of weight. My 3200 Kuiu works well as a large day pack, I could do an overnight trip with it if I wasn't packing a tent - just a bag/bivy and 2days worth of food. Size you need will be determined by how much gear you're having to carry in with you. I presume in Idaho you're not hunting from a truck as most of the elk hunting in that state is pretty steep and rugged. I'd look into Kuiu, Kifaru, Stone Glacier, and EXO packs.

    Btw, we're working on your 6.5PRC right now. That should be on your list! :)

  • @tscustoms I knew the rifle was covered and am looking forward to a full on TS custom...I am sure it will drive tacks.

  • Speaking of 6.5PRC rifle, does anyone have any load data they would like to share. My plan is to use 143ELD-X bullets but nothing is set in stone. If you have some information to share please do, Thank You

  • 140 berger hybrid is a really nice 6.5 bullet. H1000, and a start load of around 54 to 55 grains should be fine. Finished loads around the 57.5 to 58 grain mark. Obviously a work up is the only way to find this.

  • The 6.5 PRC arrived Friday from Travis at TS Customs. This will be the rifle for the hunt. I put 25 rounds through the rifle and here is last 3 shots at 100 yards with factory Hornady precision hunter ammo 143 ELDX.
    I am just starting to break in the proof research barrel. Then on to some load development, but dam this thing shoots. I will get some pictures of rifle.

  • ap6cBWl.jpg
    Not the best pics but here is the 6.5 PRC Travis built she is a beauty.

  • I have just over 100 rounds on barrel, I think it should be settled in.
    Shot this today 5 rounds at 100 yards. I got sloppy on one shot.
    load is:
    143 ELDX
    210 M primer
    57.7gr H1000
    ADG Brass
    2.320 to ogive.
    I have not played with seating depth yet but this 6.5PRC is going to be a hammer.
    Thank you Travis.

  • I spent quite some time trying to get 143ELDX to shoot consistently but could not get results I wanted. Switched to Berger 140 elite Hunter. I found a load then started shooting cold bore shots 1 at a time at 200, 300, 400 yards. I hope I will be ready for the hunt.
    3 at 100
    1 at 200 yards. .75 moa drop
    300 yards confirming / figuring out drop. 1 cold bore shot at a time. 2.25 moa drop.
    new brass 300 yard cold bore shot.
    400 yard cold bore shots confirming / figuring drop. 4 time fired brass right 3.5 to 4.5 with 4 moa in middle. Then 3 cold bore shots with 4 moa drop new brass on left.
    I will have 2 more times to shoot due to travel and work before hunt. Plan on taking cold bore shots from 100 to 400 in random order. Clean gun then fould back in before trip.
    Per outfitter shot will probably be in the 2 to 300 yard range. Will re zero once at ranch per outfitter. Will be in the 6 to 7000 ft range. Hopefully I will be ready.

  • I have just gotten home and wanted to update all on the hunt. The TS Customs built 6.5 PRC did the job flawlessly.
    The shot was only a 125 yards in light snow, and 30 - 40 mph wind, with the temperature around 20. Enough words.

    Measured 358.7..

    It was an awesome time.

  • Awesome!

  • I'm thinking of recipes for that hunk of meat in front of you.... Mouth watering...

  • Very nice!

  • Beautiful! Congratulations on an awesome bull @tpk936