Low node stability

  • I’ve seen time and time again that the low node is usually if not always the most stable node. Was wondering if anyone could tell me why that is? What is going on that causes the low node to be so stable compared to other higher node that’s shoot just as well but aren’t always as stable and consistent.

  • The high node is most often right up against what the brass can take, thereby making it unpredictable. It also generally creates a much less forgiving pressure curve.

  • @orkan
    I guess that makes sense what I usually see is as the nodes get higher they also get narrower and easier to slip out of. Example i shot a 10 round group the other day out of one of my BR’s at 300 yards. It grouped in two spots both groups being very tight just not in the same place. I shoot with a Labradar anytime shoot and could tell exactly where the round would land just by looking at the chronograph, 2785 and under was low left and 2790 and higher was about 3 inches high and a little right.