New Rimfire Suppressor

  • I might make a trip to the toy store tomorrow and pick out a new suppressor. I have an old YHM Mite that could be upgraded but I think I would rather put money on a new one just because. They have a Thunderbeast takedown there but the guy is trying to sell me a Texas Silencer model. I looked at he Silencerco what the hell is it called at their site, with all the baffles and extensions but I don't know about all that so we'll see. If I do it maybe I will have it this time next year. Slower than molasses in the winter they are.

  • The thunderbeast takedown are the quietest ones I have heard. I tried a cheaper model of a different brand and was not pleased at all with the results. The takedown is priced very competitively among rimfire suppressors. I wouldn't even try anything else at this point.

  • Do yourself a favor and get the Thunderbeast 22 Takedown. Do NOT be talked into a different one.

  • @orkan
    I went and looked today and he only had a demo Thunderbeast and they are on backorder so I passed. I wanted to place it on my trust but since I did the trust years back all the people on the trust need to be printed and photographed at least that's what I was told and that also swayed me to wait. I didn't like the mono baffle design of the Texas brand anyway, I have one of those already. Trying to get all my chickens to go get fingerprinted is going to take a while so I might just put the stamp in my name and later attach it to the trust ( another 200 ) or I think there is a loophole where you can get around the fee, I'm not sure though. Either way there damn sure ain't no rush. I would rather get what I want and what is right.

  • I went to my gun shop that has been handling my suppresor needs yesterday before a range trip. I needed some snake loads and they have quite an inventory of new and used guns there. Anyway, to the point of this post. It was five months ago I went in there to start the process on one and he showed me some papers that were sent in June and he is getting them back already for release. Four months, what the heck? Anyone else seeing this? Maybe a fluke. I felt about a half inch tall for not doing mine. Of course I'm not too lucky.

  • @bigfoot Once upon a time, before they intentionally started delaying the process... turn around time was 2 months. 4 at the most.

    This year and a half thing that's been happening the last few years is complete bullshit.

  • The one I bought two years ago took a little over 4 months. My current one is at a year.