New Rimfire Suppressor

  • I might make a trip to the toy store tomorrow and pick out a new suppressor. I have an old YHM Mite that could be upgraded but I think I would rather put money on a new one just because. They have a Thunderbeast takedown there but the guy is trying to sell me a Texas Silencer model. I looked at he Silencerco what the hell is it called at their site, with all the baffles and extensions but I don't know about all that so we'll see. If I do it maybe I will have it this time next year. Slower than molasses in the winter they are.

  • The thunderbeast takedown are the quietest ones I have heard. I tried a cheaper model of a different brand and was not pleased at all with the results. The takedown is priced very competitively among rimfire suppressors. I wouldn't even try anything else at this point.

  • Do yourself a favor and get the Thunderbeast 22 Takedown. Do NOT be talked into a different one.

  • @orkan
    I went and looked today and he only had a demo Thunderbeast and they are on backorder so I passed. I wanted to place it on my trust but since I did the trust years back all the people on the trust need to be printed and photographed at least that's what I was told and that also swayed me to wait. I didn't like the mono baffle design of the Texas brand anyway, I have one of those already. Trying to get all my chickens to go get fingerprinted is going to take a while so I might just put the stamp in my name and later attach it to the trust ( another 200 ) or I think there is a loophole where you can get around the fee, I'm not sure though. Either way there damn sure ain't no rush. I would rather get what I want and what is right.