Colorado latest “red flag” state

  • Colorado became the 15th state on Friday to adopt a “red flag” gun law, allowing firearms to be seized from people determined to pose a danger -- just weeks after dozens of county sheriffs had vowed not to enforce the law, with some local leaders establishing what they called Second Amendment "sanctuary counties."
    The law didn't receive a single Republican vote in the state legislature, and has led to renewed efforts from gun-rights activists to recall Democrats who supported the measure. In a fiery and lengthy statement on Facebook on Friday, Eagle County, Colo., Sheriff James van Beek slammed the law as a well-intentioned but "ludicrous" throwback to the 2002 film "Minority Report," and outlined a slew of objections from law enforcement.

  • I guess colorado is on the list of states I never need to go to again...

  • But what about MileHigh ... they are sole/primary distributors for some of the crap I use !! I can see how the state houses get taken over by the exported commiefornians ... but shouldn't the state senates still represent groups of counties and not just be another population based entity ??