Commiefornians Ruining Nevada, Overturn Pro 2A State Laws

  • They are an insidious virus backed by monarchical wannabees with mega bucks.....

    The Commiefornians have already eroded conservative voting bases in Nevada’s two largest cities. Reno, Las Vegas and many parts of Clark County, where most people reside in Nevada, have turned to the left and voted to give Democrats full control of Nevada’s state government

  • Having been gone for almost 18 months I can tell you Nevada sure has changed. I headed to the range that has been here since 1986 and has always been free. Come to find out it’s only open on Sunday and a bunch of crazy rules to shoot in the hills.

  • @jibnast That very likely doesn't have a single thing to do with californians, at least not in the normal political sense. Most likely its ignorant beer-drinking gun owners that refuse to take anything seriously and act like dangerous assholes every time they get a gun in their hands. You could watch videos like the one I posted below ALL DAY LONG and not run out of video.

    Sometime in the last 20 or so year, firearms shifted to entertainment rather than being looked at as tools or a means to perfect an art. When was the last time you saw someone that was serious about playing a violin treating their violin as some kind of joke? Ever see someone serious about shooting treat their firearm the way you see in the vid? How about the people that think its funny to hand a loaded firearm to someone that has zero experience, and watch as they get mutilated by insane recoil... and then laugh?

    I refuse to shoot in public spaces anymore, where other people are squirting around with firearms. Precision rifle matches have very strict rules and the only time someone has ammo in their rifle is when they are on a stage... but even at those events there has been incidents where people are just not thinking.

    You want to know the source of the problems? Next time you're around a bunch of other gun owners, look to your left, look to your right. Then go home and look in a mirror and ask whether you're part of the problem too. If those gun ranges don't continue ratcheting up their rules, more idiots will continue to show up. It has nothing to do with NON-gun owners, and EVERYTHING to do with the gun owners attending the range.

  • Stupid is as stupid does.
    All rights come with a responsibility.
    Unfortunately society nourishes irresponsibility