Range Report Thread - April, 2016

  • Here's where April's range reports will go!

    Airsoft doesn't count this month. Air rifles/bb-guns and such are still allowed. So long as the projectile you're firing is metal, you're good.

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  • A Chilly April 1st. Although at least it wasn't wintery mixing while I was at the range.

    Working on not hitting left again, and failed pretty miserably.

    10 yards 24 shots, M&P9

    Lots of work left to do.

  • @rhyno Could it be your sights are off slightly?

  • @mamalukino said:

    @rhyno Could it be your sights are off slightly?

    This is more common than guys realize!

  • got my 308 out, just put the vortex scope on with weaver 20moa mount. that was not fun. bore sighted and ran my first handloads down range. need to replace the "Tactical Tuperware" stock and get a shorter bipod.GIK0bR9.jpg

  • I had Travis cut down my 28" 40XB Repeater to 16" and threaded 1/2x28. The original barrel would throw the cold shot by about an inch at 50yds. So I decided to cut/thread this one before giving up on it. I also had him put one of those patented TS Customs bed jobs in there. It's shooting great. I used some eley match, which shot like crap... as eley tends to these days. Then I switched to RWS R50 and things really came together. That's what I shot my target with today. :)

    Firing position:

    5 shots per dot, 45yds. NASTY 18-25mph wind. I'll take what I can get! ;)

  • Awesome, nice shooting.:thumbsup:

  • 0B846860-F65D-407F-B985-BFDB791752AD_zpspvqtoozl.jpg

    5 shots at 50.

    Top left is cold bore. Bottom left was pulled...I wasn't using a rear bag.

    Cci standard velocity.

  • @mamalukino they could be. But I feel like the last time I shot the Full size it did the same thing. I'll have to shoot that tomorrow and check.

  • @orkan

    That's damn sexy! Gun and target.

  • Today's shoot. Single handed shooting only. 5 yards. One mag of 15 rds each hand. I think I shot 32 or so shots total. Had a couple extra rounds in my pocket so I burned them off.


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  • @brittel Nice TRR. thinking of getting one of those "for the kids" of coarse. Is that a primary arms scope on top?

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  • 50 ft. cold bore free hand with sling .22lr savage with prostaff scope. a little shaky today and just barely hit the line of the box. oh well. 4-1-2016_zpsmkhf5fvz.jpg

  • Made it on the first day!
    Cycled some of my SD concealed carry ammo through the G36 after being inspired by the other thread. Good thing I did, because the first round in the magazine hung up headed into the chamber as I went to load. I'm switching to the short barreled gold dots for the time being until I have some time to test the rest of my powerball.

    Kicks harder than I remembered with the +P loads. I'll give it a try with the 230 Hardball tomorrow.

    4 Shots (2 on each draw) at 10 yards off a kidney draw concealed holster. First two went high, second two are the ones on the left.

  • Well to say @tscustoms makes a accurate rifle is a bit of an understatement sometimes.

    One group (best group) during load development today.

    Also shot the M&P9 today, didn't hit left as bad as I do with the M&P9C cycled the 135+p Critical Duty that's been in it for a month.

  • @rhyno Nice shooting, sir:thumbsup:

  • Like @rhyno i think it was said last month...shooting without goals is just about useless. My goal for
    This month is 5 shots (including cold bore) on 2/3's torso at 600 in 15+mph wind. I can hit the thing all day long as long as the wind doesn't shift...but when the wind changes I have trouble.

    I only hit 4/10 today. Wind was gusting between nothing and about 20mph. I'm trying to learn to shoot the conditions instead of waiting for wind to match a dope.

    We got about 4" of rain this week...so I can't drive out to the target. A pic through the scope will have to do. I tried to get the date in the pic too, but it is hard enough to get a pic through the scope. This is 600 yards on 25x's through the TT.



  • I suppose the theme is goal oriented shooting, thanks to Ryno. One goal is to shoot something daily, even if it has to be a BB or pellet gun. Right now load development for a .223 bolt gun is a primary goal and underlying it all is to have fun doing it. Today I relearned a lesson for the umpteenth time; when shooting handgun put on glasses so you can see the sights.


  • well I hit about the same spot on the bottom of the target box again today my scope is sighted in at 25 yards instead of 50 feet though so tomorrow I will try aiming at the top of the box and see if it makes a difference. 4-2-2016_zps3lf2vg5l.jpg

  • I found some factory loaded Winchester I didn't know I had. Some 180 Gr Power Point. Wasn't really much of a point at all. Round nose really. I was shocked at how poorly they shot. Should have some hand loads soon and can't wait. Take care guys!

  • 40x repeater again today. 40yds. You can see the zero I obtained yesterday was definitely affected by the wind. Today the wind is very mild in comparison. I shot the 1st row yesterday. Today I started on the 2nd row, left to right. No sight adjustments, and no wind holds. Then I shot the third row left to right, having adjusted my zero and calling for wind. Stark contrast isn't it?



  • To nice to not go out again.

    M&P9c hey that looks a little better, still favoring left a tad. Also low now that I've changed the grip a bit.

    I added Talon Grips to both pistols, their rubber ones, not sure if that played a part or not.

    And finished up the charge weight tests today. A little disappointed with the speed, but the sd and es on the rounds i tested were stupid low, more on that when I get home.

  • Lookin' good Ryno..:smile: That 40.2 looks sweet.

  • YnhIj5H.jpg
    15 rounds @ 40 yards. MKII.

  • Colt HBAR with XM193 ammo carry handle sights. 50 yards A23/5 target
    6 o'clock hold staring into the setting sun. Shielding my eyes with left hand.
    First shot at the top sighter was the one centered up but 5 inches low.
    Took sight tool and lowered front post then hit the 9 ring at 8:30.
    Only fired 3 stripper clips. got frustrated and called it a night.
    Will try with the sun directly overhead tomorrow and setting up a 4X Burris for a back to back comparison.
    As it is now, barely adequate for self defense at close range.


    I can always get out my CZ to make myself feel better. Have a box of RWS R50 SC to try.
    No more rifles to buy until I get this one shooting decently. Reloading equipment.


    Re-crown or not?


  • @hypo Talked to a carpenter fiend. A better bench is in order as well.

  • @hypo I'd be afeared to sit in that chair.:laughing:

  • @mamalukino Yeah, that picture was from two weeks ago on the first outing. Sat on the Igloo cooler today.
    25 yards groups from two weeks ago just to get on paper. First group was low. 6 O'clock hold.
    Same can of XM193


    I may try prone with a sling tomorrow before going to work.
    That will be how I will shoot it at a match. Got a long way to go to be competitive .
    Both me and the rifle.

  • That muzzle doesn't look so pretty, but I would try shooting a few more rounds through it before having it cut. See what you get with the scope on it.

  • Swapping this Burris compact 4X with AO over to a Weaver mount right now.

    The little CZ Scout has killed about a dozen squirrels over the Winter. Lost count actually.

    If it works out I may get a dedicated 1-4X or fixed 4X for the HBAR and put the Burris back on the CZ

    Parallax on it goes down to 10 yards and is 15, 20,25, 50, 100 and infinity.
    Should it work at 200 and 300 reasonably well?
    Burris Compact for Rimfire or Air Rifle. Nice glass for the price.

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  • E234E4D0-FE05-40FA-A697-525EFE5953BD_zpsypavk8jl.jpg

    Much tighter than the group on the 1st. I still blame the standard velocity on the fliers...I just can't stand spending $20/50 for good stuff. I can almost shoot my 308 for that price.

    And I got the shooting done in time to make it to church by 10...which is where we should all be on Sunday!

  • @dddoo7 I use to think that as well. But something about the 22lr is just different.

    And I can tell that my rifle shooting has improved.

    Something about it, trigger control especially will through you, and it is simply awesome to see that bullet drop into the target.

    When I was shooting the RWS Special Match, and SK, I could tell before the bullet hit the target if it was low. Granted I don't think my brain processed it fast enough, but you could see it drop in and be off.

    Granted you can do all that with the CCI I guess, but when you start seeing five shots in one ragged hole from a 22lr. That's just awesome.

  • @hypo Just got the scope mounted.... Lunch first. what a difference, First time using a pic rail..
    So easy to get proper eye relief. May consider a UBR stock for later and a float tube after a better trigger.

  • Pic rails are awesome, especially for guys who are weird like me.

  • @rhyno Subsonic is visible in a good scope at 100 yards for that fleeting third of a second flight time.

    If you played baseball and were a decent hitter your brain can work that fast. Tennis too.

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  • gave up on my calendar page for this month here is my gatorade can 25 yards same rifle shooting laying over the roof of my car. 4-3-2016_zpstbnsocvb.jpg

  • Well decided to work with the 22lr again today.

    It was windy, 27 mph with gusts in the 30s. But the range is weird and messes with the wind.

    67 yards out, SK rifle match.


    A little more on the target.
    1st dot upper row was my Cold Bore shot and just to see where the wind was pushing my bullet, it actually landed second row down second dot right, and a little low.

    Dialed 1 mil up and 1 mil left and shot the far left hole, dialed .5 mil back right, shot the three shot group.

    Dialed .2 mil down and shot the second dot.

    Then I dialed 0 wind and just shot the next two dots holding off .5 mil on the reticle.

    Then I dialed .5 mil left and shot the last dot.

    Second row I just did a normal dot drill.

    Third row first dot I shot a 1p shot group, one flier high almost in the second row.

    Then the bottom row I decided to shoot left handed, and that was hard as hell. That took a lot of concentration, on position, on trigger pull, mechanics, fundamentals.

    Tough, the wind didn't make it easier, it was strong enough to push my laying down .

  • @rhyno Nice shooting there, Ryno :smile:

  • Scope and different ammo
    results longer discussion in my new thread in Black rifles.

    Lots of practice to do. New trigger is in order for next change plus a lot more shooting.
    Going to go to the ground with a sling next. Need a different scope stand for that.

  • @hypo My breathing and trigger control are out of practice more than anything.
    Getting some doubles tells me that the rifle can do it.
    I will not be happy until I can shoot a 200 with a high X count from prone at 50 in the back yard.
    I have done it with my CZ before.

  • EIdMt63.jpg

  • @hypo Lookin' good :smile:

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  • Just fired 5 through the 40X repeater today. Happy to see that cold bore shot is going right where I want. First three went through the bottom hole. Second 2 through the top hole. 40yds.


  • @orkan Nice.....