Bump stocks banned - people are losing millions of dollars.

  • Companies are liquidating inventory to the tune of millions of dollars, because they can no longer have items that were previously legal.

    Our government will not stop with this. If you don't care about what is happening/has happened... then you are simply too short sighted to see what this means and how it will affect you.

    ... and it WILL affect you. We've been warned for a long time, and now it's happening.

  • Time for a "cleansing'. Much as I hate to see it come to that but it does need to happen and sooner than later.

  • I don't care about bump stocks .. but I care A LOT about how they were declared to be illegal ... by "fiat" ... not legislation ...
    The idea of congress delegating it's law making powers to the agencies is/was a baaad idea ... the "deep staters" in the agencies can essentially make any law they want ...

  • @kansas Exactly. I don't care about bump stocks either. I found them to be a stupid fad.

    Yet the way this all went down was as Nazi-like as anything that's ever happened in this country. Just like obamacare. We are treated as subjects, not free people.

    It's only a matter of time until they do this to something else.

  • With Republicans, The President, and the NRA pushing for red flag laws, that something else happening is all but assured.