Fresh Classic Hashbrowns

  • Fresh Classic Hashbrowns

    Your choice of potato
    Salt, pepper and whatever spices you want
    Butter or choice of oil

    Remove skin from your potatoes, rinse under cold water & set aside.

    Grab your food grater or your food processor with grater attachment, grate all of your potatoes.
    Place shredded potatoes in a bowl, fill with cold water, mix the potatoes around in the water a bit. The water should become very cloudy, drain the water out & repeat this step a few times. This removes extra starch from the potatoes. After your final rinse, dry the potatoes really well with a towel.

    Next, heat your fry pan over medium heat. Add a bit of butter or cooking oil. Once the pan is hot, place your potatoes in the pan in a single layer. Add salt, pepper and whatever other spices you’d like to your potatoes.

    Allow them to cook until the bottom becomes a nice golden brown, then flip. Once the second side is a nice golden brown, plate your food & enjoy!

  • @gash

    Probably some of you have had Waffle House hash browns... they are my gold standard for perfection. I have tried to replicate them including the rinses in water and even putting in freezer overnight to no real success to what I was after.
    Finally got results by using Auguson Farms freeze dried 'potato shreds'. Not exactly home made but I can now get my fix of very comparable "scattered smothered and covered" at home.

  • Cooking home made from scratch hash browns can either be success or a skillet of half cooked or burnt stringy potatoes. I think the secret is the right heat/skillet combination and knowing when to turn them. Maybe the mistake I was making is the rinse to get the starch out, I don't know. My mom and grandmothers could cook what I call skillet fries with onions to perfection. Not really a hash brown but round, thin sliced potatoes with thin onion slices cooked like the recipe above. I do more of the "Country Style" hash brown that is a diced variety but I cheat. I use leftover baked potatoes that have been refrigerated whole and cube the next day. I usually take the skin off but my wife has made them with it on and that's good too. If you have some bacon grease that works to brown the potatoes in or use butter and season like conventional hash browns with salt and pepper. Might be more of an O'Brien potato than hash brown done this way. Still good in the morning with a couple of over easy's and a biscuit. When you are really in a bind these will do but I guarantee nothing like the real thing gash has got going on there.

  • Rinse the starch out and then soak them in water with a tablespoon of vinegar for an hour. Dry thoroughly. The pan (or griddle) has to be hot. Only flip them once.

  • @lathoto what does the vinegar do?

  • I'm not exactly sure. My Mom used vinegar in just about everything. I think it helps in breaking down the starches.