Length to lands problem & throat erosion suggestion

  • One thing I noticed on the edit barrel page, It doesn't like decimals.
    I tried to change the length to lands to 2.226 inches, which is what i have measured my lands at and it rounds it down to 2 inches.

    It would be nice if there was a history to that specific measurement so you could monitor throat erosion.

    Also, not sure how many people measure trim length probably not a huge deal for normal chambers but for wildcat or custom reamers it might not be bad to have.

  • Excellent suggestion. The decimal place to the thousandth should have been working already, so we'll get right on making sure that is fixed.

    I very much appreciate your assistance with this, as it is virtually impossible to test every variable on all platforms myself.

    Thank you!

  • No problem, in some ways I'm a bit hesitant since I try not to be annoying, but i know how important the Beta testing is so I have to keep reminding myself to just say things.

  • Absolutely just blurt it all out! You are dead right that beta testing is super important, an the more feedback we get from our users, the better we can ensure that you will all have a great experience here! So please continue to point out as many things as you have the patience to deal with. You have my personal thanks, and I know the Gunhive team appreciates it. :grinning:

  • Banned

    Yes, we all greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your continued involvement!

  • I have been able to edit one barrel and put in the decimal, however, it won't take on different barrel when saved. Tried again @ 12:33 pm HST, no go.