Issues with magazines

  • Anyone know the best fix for this condition on a Pmag where the case head wants to angle down and doesn’t catch the bolt when trying to chamber a round? I like this Pmag in this particular rifle and how the Pmag feeds more smoothly vs my Accurate-Mag. I could go buy another to see if the same thing happens, but I would like to try and fix this one first. Thanks.

  • @donnie Reshaping your spring could potentially help with this.

    I do not have one of those mags, but this kind of issue is usually a spring/follower shape problem.

  • @orkan I tried bending the back coils of the spring to put some more pressure on the back of the follower, but it didn’t seem to help. I’ll see what it does if I bend all coils vs just the top 3. I thought I seen someone make a comment about sanding the feed lips on Pmags. Thought that might raise the whole case and maybe the back enough for the bolt to grab. I don’t want to outright screw up this mag so thought I’d ask first.

  • I think I got it. I bent all the coils in the spring a little and it came out in the shape of a C, and the follower has some forward tilt. I cycled 60 blank rounds through the rifle without a failure to feed. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  • @donnie You're welcome. :)

  • Hum. I have this problem intermittently. I'm going to check all my magpul/AI mags and apply this solution. Thanks !!!

  • Testing ... with a single round in the magazines ... I have 9 magazines and 2 x .308 rifles ... so out of 18 test cases I had zero fail to feed.

    Put six rounds in the magazines ... in this case, the first round feeds 100% of the time ... but at least one other round fails to feed out of the six for each magazine.

    I will try reshaping the springs and see if that helps.

  • So, in 3 tests, the 5 rd mag with 5 rds always feeds.

    The 10 rd mags with 6 rds always have at least 1 rd fail to feed, though never the first one.


    Donnie said, "bent all the coils in the spring a little and it came out in the shape of a C, and the follower has some forward tilt"

    I wonder which way the "forward tilt is. In my case, in the pics, I'd call that "backward tilt", but maybe it is "forward tilt". I now realize "forward tilt" could be either way :D

    @donnie could you clarify please ? When you bent yours, which end was higher, the front end of the follower or the back end?

    Intuitively front end higher seems to make sense to my brain, since we want to front end of the cartridge pointing up.

  • @kansas hey, I figured every time the bolt was pulled back over the cartridge, the last point of contact is the rear of the cartridge and that part wasn’t springing back. I bent the spring so the rear of the cartridge has more pressure on it and bounces back after the bolt clears it. The follower is tilting down toward the front of the mag with the spring out.
    I was having the same issue almost identically to how you laid it out. Except it was every 8th & 9th round that wouldn’t feed.

  • Ok, I tried something different. I tried banging the loaded mag on my thigh 3 times before inserting into the mag well. Did this six times (with 7+7+7+7+6+6 rds) with a total of 40rds and had zero fail to feed, from a mag that had failed earlier. Will repeat this sort of testing.

    Looking at the situation again, it seems my problem is more that the rds "ride forward" in the magazine and then the bolt can't engage correctly. So putting more pressure on the rear of the round, might reduce "riding forward". So it might make sense to reverse the tilt.

  • I didn't see your reply when I posted my last post. Thanks for the clarification!
    And I will switch my testing to 9 rds.

    WIth my long action metal 10rd AI magazines, they didn't work with 10rds at first, but after using them for a couple of months they did. But unless I am doing something "serious" I still only put 9 rds in the 10rd mags.

    On the other hand the 5 rd mags, both SA and LA seem to work fine with 5rds always.

  • Ok, with 9 rounds in each of the 8 SA pmags, I cycled thru all 72 rds and had zero fail to feed. But I used thee solid taps of the bottom of the mags on my thigh before loading each mag. The top round would slide forward after the three taps and I would have to slide it back. That step will need to be done even at night when I can't see. Though today, I practiced with my eyes closed as is per normal, since I have to practice for shooting at night, since I usually shoot at night. But the 3 taps trick is working for me. But I do think Donnie's "improvement" should make it better, if he can do it consistently across multiple mags.

  • I would try the three taps during live fire. Recoil might push the rounds back forward.

  • I put 55 rounds through this particular rifle yesterday morning in -25*C. No failures to feed. the Pmags are cheap but they seem to feed smoother than AICS or Accurate Mag magazines. I'm guessing its because the Pmag springs aren't as stiff and the plastic vs metal feed lips don't dig into the brass. My metal mags leave scratches the full length of the brass case, and I end up bending the feed lips to promote smoother feeding. Ill probably pick up another 10rnd Pmag this weekend, I think I can get them for $35. Super cheap!

  • @donnie

    You can polish the inside of the feed lips on the metal mags to help keep from scratching the brass and it also helps smooth up feeding as well. PM me your address and I’ll send you a couple of the Pmags I don’t use anymore

  • @bull81 I very much appreciate the offer, but don’t know if you can send those across the border? $35 isn’t gonna break the bank anyway, and less hassle.