FedUp Fails Again, Hard

  • I'm sure all of you are aware that CMP is finally selling 22LR ammo again. Last April a notice appeared in my email that CMP had received a shipment of what they were calling CMP Eley Standard Bulk 22LR. I checked their eStore and discovered that it was being sold in case lots with a 2 case/year limit for $354/case, free shipping. I whipped out my Perkins & Elmer bamboo engineers slide rule and in about an hour and a half discovered that the price equated to $0.07/round. I was having so so results shooting silhouette games with Federal 711B and Wolf Match Target, both of which would throw random flyers that would miss turkeys and hitting rams was only a 50:50 proposition so I logged in and purchased a case to try. A couple of days later I received a notice that my order had shipped and a FedUp tracking number that would be active within 48 hours. Three days later, FedUp sent a notice that my package was to be delivered the following day between 12:15 and 5:15, Adult Signature Required. Not much notice, but I quickly re-arranged my schedule to accommodate the delivery as I have missed FedUp deliveries in the past and had to wait 3 business days for a redelivery. On the appointed day a FedUp Ground truck did come to the house and unceremoniously dumped two boxes of sewing accessories at the front door without ringing the doorbell but no ammo from CMP. Around 9:00 pm a text notice of a Delivery Exception had occurred because there was a loose dog in the yard. We have indoor cats, no dog and no fence. Four days later, I headed out in the early morning darkness to attend a match and tripped on the case of ammo that had been left on the entry sometime after I'd turned off the lights and gone to bed.
    Across the chronograph the CMP Eley averaged 1111fps out of my Stevens 44 and the SD/ES numbers were about on par with the statistically insignificant sample of other 22LR ammo I fired for comparison. It didn't really group all that much better than the Federal or Wolf but there were no fliers. In fact, it appeared to be as good in that rifle as two lots of Tenex that I'd fired for comparison and only slightly lost out to a group fired with RWS R-50. I adjusted my sights and took it to the next 22BPCR match where I promptly shot 10 Rams on the opening relay which caused quite a lot of interest, rams being particularly tricky on that course. Figuring that I'd be wise to stock up before it disappeared, I ordered another case. I received the customary notice from CMP that my order had shipped FedUp and I could track it in 48 hours and would need to sign for it. Two days later I returned from a meeting that ran late in the evening and discovered the ammo box leaned against the garage door. Happy to have my ammo, glad no one decided they wanted my box which was in plain view of the street.
    Fast forward to last Tuesday: On the off chance that CMP's limit would be implemented based solely on the year rather than 12 months interval, I placed another order for the annual allotment of 2 cases which showed 99 cases in stock in Anniston, AL. As I suspected, the order was processed and Wednesday morning CMP's notification had been received. Later in the day FedUp texted that my boxes would be delivered on Thursday. I had commitments that could not be postponed so QuiltGal volunteered to receive my packages for me. About 9:00 pm QuiltGal texted me to inquire when I might be returning from my cowboying because supper was getting cold, and Oh, btw, your packages never came. When I got home around midnight I checked the delivery status and saw that a Delivery Exception had been logged with no explanation but was rescheduled for Friday. I spent the day Friday until around 10:00 pm at my workbench in the garage with the door open so that if the delivery was attempted, the driver would see me. Checking the status, another Delivery Exception was logged and delivery rescheduled for Saturday. Knowing I would not be home on Saturday, I attempted to use the FedUp website to reschedule for Monday. It was way past midnight when I gave up, concluding that the only thing more frustrating than FedUp drivers is their website. My son works nights and without my knowledge, posted a sticky note on the doorbell for the FedUp driver to ring more than once so he could accept the deliver on Saturday. It didn't come and to make matters even worse, the status was now changed to No Delivery Schedule Available. Monday morning bright and early the status was checked again and was unchanged. An 800 number was eventually located that was answered by an actual English-speaking American woman! She even sounded like she might live in Memphis, TN where FedUp is headquartered. I gave her the tracking numbers and she confirmed that the packages were, in fact, not on a truck but in some sort of limbo/hold at the FedUp shipping hub near the Austin, TX airport and that she had confirmed that they were there and could be picked up until 7:00 pm. QuiltGal just happened to be sewing with a friend near there so she graciously volunteered to swing by on her way home and get my 80 pounds of ammo. I left the house around 7:00 am to go move a bull from a ranch 100 miles west of there to a ranch 70 miles east of home. That's a whole 'nother story. Suffice it to say that around 4:30 my son texted me that he had just signed for my ammo at the house.
    Here's what I learned from these experiences: FedUp has absolutely no idea where anything is in their system, and no idea when or if it will be delivered. Any attempt at using their customer interface is wasted time at best and likely to cause them to take your packages off the delivery schedule all together. Calling them is only for the terminally lonely because it does nothing toward expediting receipt of your package but the lady on the phone was very pleasant to talk to.

  • You make UPS sound like the delivery service from heaven. Wayne

  • I recently had a desert tech Someone sent to me left on the porch by fedex. Aparently “adult signature required” doesn’t mean much to them. On a second occasion fedex left a pistol on my front porch...and again it had adult sig required. This is unacceptable.

  • I don't know if it was Fed Up as you call them or UPS that dropped a shipment of smokeless powder and primers at a friend of mines wife's workplace instead of their home. The driver knew she had accepted deliveries and I am guessing he took it on himself to drop it there instead of making another stop at their house. The trouble is she was the high school counselor and he dollied in enough powder to blow the whole place up. Like you he was anchored to his house and she called him in a panic and said come get this stuff before I get fired. I'm not sure she even signed for it or knew what it was until she saw the boxes piled out in the office. I am pretty sure that's enough to get you fired today, back then maybe not so much.

  • FedUp Ground couldn’t find my freestanding business when I was downtown, literally ACROSS THE STREET from FedUp Office. They took several adult signature packages to the health food store directly behind my shop. There was a 25’x4’ lighted sign facing their door. There were similar signs on each side EXCEPT the back that faced the health food store. The little vegan snowflakes would nearly die of fright when multiple cases of ammo and rifles from the auction would show up. The mailman there for a while was a slender young lady who never filled her bag more than a quarter full. Small flat rate boxes with 70# of lead ingots were invariably hand labeled in her script “Very Heavy”. She had a tall curb and four steps to get lead boxes from her truck to my front door. I would see her trying to get those out of her truck and go get them myself.