• So Donnie asked me a question about slings and I thought it would be better to discuss in "public".

    I am no expert on the topic, but I have attempted to acquire a set of slings that allows me to carry my carbines and rifles (and even shotgun) in a "stock up" / "barrel down" fashion, which seems to be the modern style. And I use a 2-point carry as that allows hands free. One downside is it does not easily support "switching sides" i.e. for me going from right hand to left hand, which is a benefit of the 1-point carry.

  • This is a 6.5G(18) "dmr-ish" rifle with a v2 viking tactical sling. This is the least favorite sling I have. These get "twisted" which is a big negative in my book and I desire to replace these. But I still use them until I get (both of) them replaced.


  • So these are the ones I like best, the Tactical Intervention Specialists (a.k.a. Petaluma Mike). They are wider, not as stiff as the V1 Vikings, but stiffer than the V2s and do not get twisted.


  • And here is the v1 viking, which I like better than the v2 but not as much as the TIS


  • The v1 on that 5.56(14.5) is setup so I can flip the sling off my shoulder and wrap it in my support arm and have perfect tension for standing unsupported.

    I'm supposed to be able to "quick adjust" all these slings for that capability, but I've never focused on practicing that.

  • I also carry bolt guns the same way


    Though they are often longer and when riding on the 4 wheeler, sometimes I need to keep the up pointing more towards my 9 o'clock than down towards my 7:30 o'clock.

  • I am still working on picking a pack, where I can carry the bolt gun on my back and one of the 10 inch carbines on my front. Not sure how practical that will be. Right now about 60 pounds of gear is about my limit. But I want to try it.

  • Orkan got me into packs instead of slings. I will never look back. It is only a 1/4 mile walk from my truck to my deer stand and I still use the pack. When hunting in SD we hiked quite a few miles a couple of days with the pack and It was never uncomfortable on my shoulders. A pack us just much more comfortable than a silng. I have several TIS slings just sitting on the shelf now.

    I have the eberlestock gunslinger 2. This biggest downside to this pack is that it is really big enough for a 3 day excursion and I rarely need much more than my rifle and a few small accessories. Orkan uses the lo-drag I think it is and it is a smaller pack and still capable of carrying a large rifle. I plan on looking into a modular eberlestock platform with just a rifle scabbard and small pouch Before next years hunts.

  • Wow, that's great data !
    I've got both the "gunslinger 2" and the mystery ranch "overload" up in my browser. So looking hard at both of those,.

  • I wouldn't buy the gunslinger 2 again unless you are carrying a lot of gear. It is comfortable for carrying the rifle when empty, but just has a lot of extra space that really is not needed. The Lo-drag has the same scabbard, straps, and waist belt, but is a smaller pack.

  • @kansas what do you prefer for front attachment point, like an m loc or qd? Thanks for posting this!

  • In general I avoid "QD" anything ... as "QD" usually adds weight for no benefit. How many people with "QD" mounts actually regularly remove those items or attach those items .. in the field ? :D

    Somehow I wound up with both m-lok and k-mod ... and then some guns have integral attach points ... so I use all flavors ...