Atlas bipod feets - what are they good for ?

  • So, I have 3 Atlas bipods now and prefer them as the harris bipod "tensioning" screws keep coming loose for me (though I have not seen anyone else ever complaining about this - but I complain about it :D )

    But recently we are alternating between MUD and ICE ... so I am wondering if I need alternate FEET for at least one Atlas?

    Are the "claw" feet better in mud ? I see the bipod feet digging holes and moving around in those holes as I shoot in the mud.

    Are the "pointy" feet better on ice ? I certainly see more "bounce" on the ice.

  • Spikes are probably ok on ice. Claw feet with large surface area would probably handle both jobs equally well.

    However I tend to just throw a rear bag under the feet, or switch to shooting off a pack in a situation like that. Yet the right tripod solves all.

  • I did try off the tripod (RRS), it was digging down and sliding, back mostly, in the mud, similar to the bipod. And it looks like RRS also has claws and spikes, similar to Atlas.

    Rear bag or pack does sound like it makes sense in some cases.

    Ok, I think I will start by trying a set of claws on one Atlas and I have a commanche bag I can try under the forearm as well.

    This week we are going from 4 up to 40 like over the next several days ... so thawing then freezing ... thawing then freezing ... slippery soup versus rock hard ...