First AR10

  • I'm just stepping into the world of AR modular rifles, and am wondering what I should be expecting with shooting an AR10 vs a bolt gun. The rifle is a ATRS Modern Hunter in 6.5 creedmoor, with an 18.6" proof research barrel, brand new but I think ATRS test fires all guns before they leave the shop. It is a direct gas impingement system, and has tighter tolerances than the standard AR10 would have, therefore being an "accurized" AR10.
    For ammunition components, I found 129gr Nosler ABLR's seem to be the most readily available bullet, and I will be using 4x fired Hornady brass with IMR 4064 because I have lots of it. I'm guessing at a starting charge of 33gr based on numerous reloading books and quickload data which is a huge spread from starting to max charges. I have read that AR10's will show pressure signs sooner than bolt guns which is why I chose 33gr starting charge. Why do they show pressure signs sooner than bolt guns? Also I'm already noticing the action is a lot harder on brass and bullets than a cycled bolt gun is. How often are you AR10 guys stripping the rifle and cleaning out brass and copper shavings? Is this something that gets better as the rifle is broken in and machined edges become warn in? Anything else you think I need to know please chime in.

  • Some pics of the rifle.

  • @donnie
    Make sure your bullets stay in the case where they are supposed to. Crimp them or whatever you need to do to keep them from inertially un-seating and going into the riflings. I guess that's the term to use. A friend of mine has a Ruger SR 762 that will slam the bullets out of the case and cause all kinds of problems. He learned the hard way. It blew primers and locked up with a live round in it on several occasions and sometimes left the bullet in the barrel when he got it open. I use a small base die loading for my AR .223 I don't know about the AR 10 variants. I have shot .223 sized with a standard die in an AR with no problems but I don't mix them up with the ones sized with the small base dies.

  • Well I got some ammo loaded up and crimped for this long weekend. Temps should finally be above -25 & -27deg Celsius, so gonna head out shooting.
    I sent some chat messages out, but if anyone else has a recommendation on a good sling that allows you to carry the rifle across your chest, and shoulder from that position, I would like to hear your recommendation. I’m trying to find a sling that will work with regular magpul loop connectors on the butt stock and maybe an m loc in the hand guard. I want to be able to wear a backpack and carry the rifle across my chest and still have the use of both hands when required.

  • I don’t know if it’s a good sling as I don’t use it a whole lot but I have a magpul 2 point sling on my ar15 that allows that even for my fat ass.

    I think it’s the MS1 padded sling.