• Well...I am trying to decide which Kestrel I want to buy. I am a bit overwhelmed with all of the choices.

    I have ballistics AE on my don't know if I really need applied ballistics or not.
    I don't see a need for blue tooth unless it will automatically load readings into Bal AE.
    I assume that Horus is for the specific reticle and therefore not necessary.
    What is the NV?

    I assume the new Elite is the newest and best thing...but I'm not really wanting to spend that much. There are a lot of good deals now on used ones because everyone is upgrading to the Elite. Can you also explain the difference between the older model and the elite?

    I assume I will need the wind meter to measure temp, humidity, and wind. Is there anything else I am missing? Which model is the minimal model to accomplish all of these? What are the advantages of going with a more expensive model?

  • I haven't played with any of the new models. I've been using the same 4000NV for the last 6-8 years or so.

    I would consider the 4000NV to be the minimum, as I'm fairly sure that it's the only one which is backlit that also gives you the ability to do density altitude.

    The applied ballistics version of the kestrel is nice because it provides yet another way to compute a firing solution. Super small and portable. If a guy went on a hunting trip away from home, it's certainly nice to have a backup.

    The "NV" stands for night vision. It has a soft light to make sure you do not lose your ability to see when using it in low light or darkness. It's pretty nice.

    Here's a pretty good thread outlining the differences between the elite and the others.

  • I have the AB model I think it's the 4500AB. For me it's the best thing in my kit. I have found the custom curves to be spot on and verified to my live fire dope - every time. Would hate to go back to my phone or cards.

  • I've been using the newest AB model this season as well. I've yet to have any hiccups with it. It sure is handy having all my data in one unit. As with anything, what you put in is what you get out and so far it's been spot on.
    I lock the wind at 3 or 9 o'clock with 5 and 10mph outputs.
    I think it's got features that I've yet to explore, but some of that extra stuff scares me as I feel I'll forget about shutting it off when it's not needed and I'll end up with the wrong data output at some point.

  • I ended up buying the 5700 elite. It is crazy how much info this thing takes into account and instantly applies it to the balistics output. It allows for multiple guns (which will be nice for different DT barrels) as well as multiple targets. Built in compass will not only read target direction, but wind direction as well and automatically apply that to the output. It gives wind adjustments for average wind as well as max wind. I don't know how accurate all of the outputs are, but I can input real world values if it is off and it will adjust accordingly. Think I'm gonna like this thing...just hard to swallow the cost for such a small unit.