7x57 Mauser

  • I went shopping yesterday for some powder and 6.5 projectiles and came across an old Bishop stock that looked like a Mauser 98 would drop in it. The .260 I have sure needs a stock and anything would be better than that stick it's screwed to so for twenty bucks I took a chance. The thing has a channel for at least a one inch diameter barrel but maybe I can do something with it if not, tough stuff. I have eaten crappy meals that cost twenty bucks. Wouldn't you know the 260 is a Model 24 which is an intermediate length and this one is for a long action 98. This is where the 7x57 comes in. I still have the very first Mauser I ever tried to sporterize years ago that I rescued from a pawn shop after I sold it to a pig hunter that bugged me for it and then turned around and hocked it. Then had the stones to try and buy it back, pfft on him. It's not like it is some kind of museum piece and I shouldn't have sold it in the first place. I never even got to kill anything with it either but I ain't dead yet.This old dog is a Brazilian Model 1908 Mauser made by DWM in Berlin and looked like a black greasy piece of junk when I finally got it from some mail order place out of Shotgun News. I paid $129.00 for it and twenty more for the transfer fee here in my home town. All matching numbers and still has the original barrel that if I remember can deliver groups around an inch maybe better at a hundred yards. The clown I sold it too hunted pretty hard with it and managed to mess up the bluing leaving it in the rain a couple of times. Once I exhausted my skills welding a new bolt handle on and the rest of the sporter process I had it bead blasted and hot blued. I took the old military stock and reshaped it as best I could and then wiped it with Tung Oil. The thing was a mess when I got it as were most of the Mausers I fooled with. I think I am going to go shoot it again in the new old stock. I got it to drop in today after about two hours with an air saw and my trusty dremel tool and a rasp. It must have been inletted for a commercial Mauser but the screw distances were correct. If I don't like the results at the range I might snatch the barrel out of it and do a 6.5 Creedmore or maybe get a new 7x57 barrel that way I know it will feed without a problem. Creed's might be aggravating to get it to work right.
    150 Grain Round Nose

  • Nice job sporterizing that 08. Hope it still shoots as well as you remember.

  • @rr2241tx
    Thanks, it was kind of like that frog you get in biology class. Just dig in it's dead anyway. I wish I had ordered two of these old Mausers when I bought them. One to butcher and one to save for later. Man they have gone up. I paid less than a hundred bucks for a lot of them and knock on wood with the exception of a couple no problems rebarreling and the Swede's just sporterize. Heck, Kimber was doing 96 Swede's too. A friend of mine bought one I never found out how it shot but you hardly ever see them around. I loaded those round nose rounds back in 2014 so I'll see what happens when it quits raining. It's really thundering out on the bay. That's what happens here when it's thirty degrees one day and seventy the next.

  • @bigfoot Picked up a Winchester Model 70 Lightweight from the auction recently. It came with bases but no rings. Think the Meopta on my pimp rifle will be moving to the Lightweight. It’s 7X57. I have a boatload of 175 roundnose and spitzers made up so will try them on a big hog first chance I get. Hope those cruise missles will fit the magazine.

  • I got two filler pieces of walnut epoxied in the barrel channel of that Bishop stock to hide the giant gap between the sides and that skinny military barrel. My piece of walnut wasn't long enough to get me all the way to the receiver so the chamber section of the barrel still has a gap. If I decide to keep shooting the old barrel I will attempt to glass bed the receiver. That's a huge void in the front end, might have to use Marine Tex. If I go with a new barrel I can just take out what I need of the fillers. They must have had a big barrel in that thing. It measured 1.200 across. It's butt ugly right now but a little sanding and Tru Oil will spruce it up. I got sidetracked from this project so I might get back on it in a day or so.

  • @bigfoot
    Still got a ways to go. This walnut is pretty light so I have to wait and see what the stock looks like sanded down to bare wood. The finish on the old stock looks like a stain and varnish all in one just looking at the runs in it. Somebody was in a hurry.

  • @bigfoot
    I don't know what caused those dimples at the front of the stock. There is one on each side maybe a vise, who knows.

  • @bigfoot
    It's been almost a week and I am through with the stock redo. The humidity hasn't cooperated too good until this last front came in and I got the loading room heated and got the humidity down below 30% finally. I chemically stripped the old finish off and sanded on it for a few hours and all in all the wood was pretty darn smooth. The finish was rough I guess from old age and was pretty thin. It came right off with barely any effort. I originally thought it was stained but apparently not this is just some dark walnut and got really dark when the Tru Oil hit it. I tried to match my fillers with stain but the stock came out way darker so that's that. If I get another barrel most of that will come out anyway. I didn't like the shiny plastic look so this morning I rubbed some compound on it to dull it and did a little chiseling to get the action and trigger guard to drop in solidly. I had some Blue Wonder cold blue so I touched up the barrel where the bluing was off from getting wet also. That stuff works good, better than anything else I have tried. A little research on this particular Mauser indicated they were made between 1909 and 1914 so this thing has some miles on it. I'm lucky it was in good shape just packed in a blob of black grease when I got it. Might have been what saved it. A lot of these Brazilians actions were in the white when they left Berlin I just can't recall if this one was. It didn't have any pitting I do know that.
    Ready to apply the finish
    A couple of coats in
    Before rubbing out
    After rubbing

  • @bigfoot
    Range day today. Windy and misty rain but warm, like 70 degrees warm. It was real and it was fun, but not real fun. Gonna sleep on it. Glad I have some new brass.