Bushing die with expander ball?

  • I have a Redding Type S bushing die. 260 ai
    Should I deprime another way and remove expander ball from coming back thru neck?

    Does not make sense for me to use 291 bushing to create .003 neck tension then pull a .264 ball thru the neck.

    Luckily the gun is built by TS Customs. So the gun does overcome my ignorance in reloading.

    Please advise.


  • The actual diameter of the expander is usually not .264". Also, remember that the brass will have some spring back on compression... so whether you're squeezing down the outside of the neck, or expanding the inside, it will spring back somewhat and will not allow the thing that just passed through it to just drop through with no resistance.

    The only way to really know what is going on with the dimensions of your brass after passing through the die is to take some very precise measurements.

    Regarding the expander ball, I would recommend leaving it in. However there are a great many variables that can sway that decision, which I would have no way of knowing without having your die and components in front of me. I'd rather have the errors in the case neck pushed to the outside by the expander than pushed inside for the bullet to deal with.

    I do not use bushing dies except during wildcatting, for the initial experimentation. Then I switch to custom full length sizing dies. All of which are used with their expander mandrel/ball.

  • @orkan
    Thank you.

    Custom dies based off fired cases ? Then the die squeezes for proper tension and the expansion mandrel is some number of thousandths less than bullet diameter?

  • @flatwound In a nutshell, yes. Taken further, you can spec the neck diameter you prefer. No bushing to mess things up.