Congratulations TS Customs

  • Good job Travis! TS Customs beat a lot of top/popular big name gunsmiths out. 3iduSJe.png

  • It's cool. :)

    However, in my opinion the true representation of a gunsmith has nothing to do with how competitors place in competitions. The truly important metric is the success percentage across the customer base. TS Customs customers are happier than those I've spoken with from any other smith in the country. Travis simply has a way of building rifles and treating customers that comes together to form truly memorable experiences. The number of amazing rifles coming out of TS Customs isn't even remotely represented by the numbers of people competing with them.

    The "Mr. Operator Pants" method of doing business just can not compete with the experience people get when dealing with TS Customs. That is why they are the ONLY smith I recommend to anyone.

  • I have dealt with a lot of gunsmiths some good some sucked.but Travis made the custom build experience very pleasant.He answered his phone and emails and was honest about time frames.When I have more custom work done he will be doing it for me. Im not surprised that he is doing so good. God Bless Ya Travis