How Important is LEVEL

  • I found this

    And it makes me think, I might need to make changes.

    I have NO level ground on my land, nor any near by. I'd say the closest level ground is about 15 miles north, when you get into the flood plain of the Kansas river. This is the "Flint Hills" of Kansas and except for that flood plain that cuts thru the Flint Hills from east to west, dividing off the northern third of the Flint Hills, there is no level ground in the Flint Hills.

    So, of course I knew avoiding "cant" was important. I have 2 scope mounted bubble levels, my spuhr mounts have bubble levels. My tripods have bubble levels and I've even made three digital HPR devices which show heading pitch and roll, day or night. So, I have hardly been ignoring the idea of avoiding CANT.


    But, I have not made it an "obsession". And after reading the above article, I'm wonder if I have to.

    I certainly don't want to miss a 6 foot target at 1000 yds because I'm not level !!! :D


    So what would it take to move "level" to the next "level" :)

    01 - Leveling the scopes on the rifles
    Well I have a wheeler double bubble level system and I think that gets close. Is that close enough? I've sure that gets me within 10 degrees, but might not be within 3 degrees. I could use the HPR every time I re-ring a scope and that would help. I have not done that.

    02 - Leveling when zeroing
    This might be the area that would help the most. Except when zeroing off the tripod, I have not been remotely obsessive about being level when zeroing. And that might matter a lot, if that article ^^ is even half correct.

    03 - Level when shooting in the field.
    I actually think, I am pretty close to doing this, given that I shoot in "field" conditions. I have no concrete firing lines, but I do always use some sort of level on the rifle when shooting at distance. And I am often shooting off the sides of hills ...

    Note, in this pic, it is mostly the "camera" (my phone) that provides the strange cant ... the rifle is level with the gravitational horizon ...



    note, that I need solutions that work day and night. I mostly work during the day and mostly shoot at night. Though most of my zeroing and dots and groups are done during the day.


    Other practices most welcome !!!

  • I instinctively level. The level in my head is more precise than any instrument I've tried.

    Works just as good at night with thermal as does during the day. Firearm familiarity is a must.