HSM Ammo

  • Anybody have any experience and opinion regarding Hunting Shack Munitions, (HSM)?

  • I find that it is best avoided. Many horror stories on the web, and I've had at least one customer blow his extractor out because of it.

  • @orkan

    Ok then. Enough said. Thanks again.

  • Let me ask this then, If you were in a pinch because you did not have the time to make up some hand loads, is there a "match grade" cartridge manufacturer you would go with. Blackhills maybe?

  • Black hills quality has really slipped over the years as well. It can be quite good if you get a good lot, but lot-to-lot consistency is rough these days.

    FGMM is my most trusted factory ammo. Have never had an issue with it.

    There are others which have been pretty good too, but federal has a lock on match ammo. What cartridge are you buying?

  • @orkan

    .30-06, 190 Gr. Berger Hunting VLD is what I have been shooting. (CCI BR-2, Lapua brass.) My wife's uncle is not well and he does my reloading.

  • You should get into a basic reloading setup yourself! I'd happily support your efforts here, and if you needed a phone call to get started nice and comfortably, I'd be happy to accommodate.

  • Federal Premium and Nosler are my preferences in factory ammunition with NON-Superformance Hornady a close third. The Superformance is often loaded far too hot. The Federal and Nosler are generally loaded more moderately in the velocity and pressure department and thus seem to shoot consistently better. This mainly being in the magnum hunting rifle rounds.

  • Definitely time to invest in a loading setup. You have apparently grown accustomed to hand loads so I don't think you are going to be happy with anything but hand loads.

  • @orkan

    Thanks Orkan. I definitely will take you up on that offer. We are putting up an addition in May which will allow for me to have my own "man" room. I can't wait for it really. I have been wanting to start my own reloading for a while now. Thanks for the offer. I have been told by a few folks to start with the RCBS Rock Chucker kit. However, I have a friend who is struggling with cancer. He is a machinist. He built his own press. He has offered his press to me. He was once an avid shooter and reloader. I will keep in touch and keep you posted on where I am at.

  • No real reason to start with a kit. The guys that tell you to start with a kit, don't want to invest any time in really helping you. If they did, they'd know all the "right" equipment you need to get. ;)

  • A kit gets you started and kits you the basics. But you'll end up replacing most of the kit as you go.

    The only things I use from my starting kit is the press, powder drop, and priming system.

  • I use the funnel from my kit.

    And, I think that's all.

  • @rhyno HAHA! I literally think I use zero things from my original kit in my normal loading. The Hornady LNL press is still bolted to the bench to decap brass with when I stainless tumble is all. Everything else gets done through the Co-Ax

  • @rhyno said:

    I use the funnel from my kit.

    And, I think that's all.

    I use hard Core gear funnels for precision loading

  • @dddoo7 I'm looking into getting whatever those aluminum ones Orkan had. Maybe they're the same.

    I did find a use for the Lee press, I use it to pull bullets now.

  • @dddoo7 said:

    @rhyno said:

    I use the funnel from my kit.

    And, I think that's all.

    I use hard Core gear funnels for precision loading

    The Extreme Hard Core Gear funnels are awesome!

  • Those be the ones. I have them stuck to my Prometheus and it's powder bliss.

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    I started off with a plastic funnel that needed to be wiped with a dryer sheet just about every time I used it. I was spoiled for about 700 loadings using the Extreme Hard Core Gear funnel (while Orkan was loading things other than 6.5mm). Eventually he needed it back :disappointed: and after about 100 loadings with the plastic funnel again I couldn't take it anymore. I now have my own.