How does the NRA work?

  • Well according to this article by strategically giving to the anti’s what they want, slowly of course!

    Guess I won’t be buying any magpul products any time soon.


  • That article has me thinking about how we understand that it's best to have and select the right firearm to do the job. We wouldn't choose a rifle capable of killing an elephant to eradicate prairie dogs (hat's off to Orkan).

    I'm curious, in what situation would I be best suited to select the rifle with the bump stock? I'm serious. Help me out. My next rifle will be an AR-15 (or some derivative) but will I really miss a bump stock? Is it primarily for self defense?

    Yamamoto never said, "You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass." It was propoganda. The underlying invasion within our country is government taking away our rights. The ninth amendment assures us of rights that are not listed in the constitution. Yes, you can operate a hoverboard on your own property.

    Please give me the scenario when one would absolutely need a bump stock. I'm a bolt action kind of guy and need clarification. Thank you.

  • Here's what Jerry thinks about it.

  • @lathoto you’re thinking about it the wrong way.

    It’s not about need. The second amendment wasn’t written to arbitrarily decide if your needs warrant freedom.

    It was written specifically to protect the right to own anything the government does. Heck for a long time civilians had more effective weapons then the military, while the military was still issuing trap doors civilians had high capacity high rate of fire lever actions.

    But that’s not really the point of the whole thing, it’s how the NRA works, which seems to be give a little now so you have a little to give next time. They didn’t save binary triggers and cranks because they want you to have them, they saved them so they can give them up later. And that’s the only reason, how many of the things we enjoy do they view as mere bargaining chips?

  • @rhyno, thank you for that perspective. I try to break down and understand firearms by their design and function. With mixed signals from the NRA our government will continue to view that as a compromising posture.

  • @lathoto You are falling down the trap when you start thinking in terms of what Americans "need". Who gets to decide what we "need"? And based on what standards does someone get to make that determination?

    This country was founded based on a libertarian, free-market, consumer-based ideal. We should never need to justify that we "need" something. This is a free society. If we want it, then there should be no other justification on our part as to why we have it.

    It is the responsibility of government to prove that our specific ownership of something is somehow dangerous to someone else, or somehow significantly infringes on someone rights before they should have the right to limit ownership. This includes not only possession, but also actions, lifestyles, speech, or anything else in life. And that standard should be a very high bar, with plenty of checks and balances to limit abuse.

    But somehow this has become about what we "need".

  • What I "need" ...

    ... is for people that try to hold me responsible for the actions of someone else, to go fuck themselves.

  • What I need to do is best @orkan at shooting on my homemade prairie dog steel challenge with hoverboards and .22 caliber rifles. It's kind of like a modern day biathlon where you have to maneuver through the course while the little bastards pop up and down spouting extremely annoying leftist musings. At the end of the course there is a voting booth with a flashing marquis and a bonus for checking all the right boxes.

    I now better understand the concepts, the issues, and my responsibilities. I initially took up marksmanship just to shoot target.

    Seriously, I've learned a lot from you guys.

  • The backpedaling starts.

    From the comments section:

    Duane Liptak says:
    January 12, 2019 at 10:33 PM
    Just to clarify, I didn’t choose that picture or the title. This was originally just a post on my personal FB feed, and is not an official statement from Magpul or the NRA. I understand what Ammoland was getting at with those, but personally, I really just want to stop the divide in this community as best we can as we have plenty of enemies already on the outside. That was the intent of this narrative. I support the NRA, and I donate my time there to try to help positive change. I support FPC. I’ve been a member of GOA and JPFO. I want all of them, plus SAF and everyone else to be stronger as well. A lot of the stated positions in these latter groups are more inline with my personal sentiments and the Magpul position, as well. Each of those organizations has its strengths. We need to be all hands on deck for this fight, and the NRA has a lot of value. If there is something about the NRA you just can’t abide, but you’re still in this fight and supporting one or more of the other groups, I’m still with you. If there’s change you want to see in any of these orgs, be a member, VOTE, reach out to them and let them know, and in the case of the NRA, let the board, including me, know, too. Just be tactful, it works better. You deserve an NRA that is a true defender of the real reasons for having a Second Amendment to the core, that communicates well with members, that is fiscally responsible, and that serves the interests of the membership. The best way I know to do that is to participate.

    The comments section on virtually every site where this article was posted is slammed full of negative comments toward the NRA. I find this completely unsurprising, and is a predictable result of an organization not listening to its members. Until the NRA shifts the conversation toward that of individual liberty, the entire thing is setup to fail... and they'll make untold hundreds of millions off the failure.

    Until people stand firm and refuse to be punished for the actions of someone else, this erosion of the country will continue. They've been training the citizens in this country since kindergarten. One kid does something bad, the entire class can't go out for recess. That's what they want, and it is an abomination.

  • I don't care about bump stocks ... I DO care about the way they were gotten rid of ... I care about that a LOT.

    They were gotten rid of by changing a definition. A definition about technology. And the technology did not change. So how could the definition change? Well, logically it could not change. Hence it was not changed for logical, scientific, rational reasons, it was changed because a tiny few dukes and duchesses wanted it to change ... and THAT IS BAAAAD.

    Once we allow laws to be made by the dukes and duchesses, we know where that leads ... well, we're already there ... hecque ... maybe we've almost always been there ... but yes there are some of us, like moi (and most on this site) who are the real liberals. Those who believe in liberty. And that means in part ...