Desert Tech SRS-A2

  • The SRS line gets an update for 2019. The SRS-A2 is replacing the discontinued SRS-A1.


    Noteworthy things about the SRS-A2
    The A2 is a couple pounds lighter. (not sure how much of that is the heavily fluted barrel vs. the chassis itself.)
    It has a MLOK handguard which can be easily swapped out. (no more proprietary wrench)
    New trigger, which can be adjusted from 1.5 to 7lbs (won't know if it's as good until I try one)
    New trigger only has pull weight adjustment. No adjustable trigger shoe, no adjustable sear engagement. (pre-travel/creep) I'm not a fan of this. I liked the adjustable trigger shoe.
    Previous "gen2 and A1" bolts and extensions/conversion kits are compatible with the A2 chassis. (we can sell you a new chassis and it should work with your old conversions)
    A1 variants will still be supported for at least 5 years.
    No lefty A2's at this point.
    No, the A1 cannot be upgraded to take the new handguard.
    Monopod is no longer standard, but an add-on accessory. Historically they were about $350... but I have no new pricing presently.
    Claimed to be more accurate due to less stress in barrel clamping area. I'll test that sometime in the future. I'm skeptical.

    I'm guessing most of the claimed 2.3lb weight reduction comes from the removal of the monopod and the heavy fluting of the barrel. I'll weigh the chassis side-by-side at some point and get you guys solid numbers on what the chassis will actually weigh.

    HTI pricing is going down dramatically. ... somewhere around $1000 to $1500.

  • I'm excited to see wha you think. Personally, I like the looks of the A1 over the A2.

  • Changeable handguard would be nice for those who have both short and long barrels.

    Weight savings will be nice if there is really a significant savings. I haven’t thought about pulling out my monopod and plugging the hole to save weight, but that would work.

    Might be worth the swap if trigger is still good. Also curious if it is compatible with the old trigger.

    This might allow for aftermarket handguards in the future, although it is not really necessary.