Kelbly's Rings

  • I ordered a set Monday and they were here before noon today. That was quick. Boy, these things are dainty and the machining is superb. I read the instructions and the torque value for the clamp screw is 45 inch pounds (max) and I said no way, they will surely strip. When I tightened them with the torque wrench as soon as the gap closed and they locked to the dovetail the wrench clicked at 40. These things are made in pairs and numbered to keep the pieces matched so there's no excuse for messing them up. I traded the S&B scope I had on the 1416 out for my center fire rifles and put this older Bushnell Elite on. I might get a calm day to try this combination out before the rain sets in Friday. It's a little taller than I wanted but the lows were too low going by a set of low Talley's I tried and took some measurements off of before I ordered these. One very important thing to note. The position of the rear ring must be ahead of the bolt on a 64 action. I went through all the trouble of getting the cross hairs plumb and eye relief right then opened the bolt and screech, the root of the bolt hits the bottom of the rings. I had to start all over. I guess you could mill the corner off if you just had to have the ring further back so I just loosened everything up and slid it forward past the bolt. Duhh.