6.5 Grendel configuration

  • I was just reading Master Mamalukino's link on the Howa 6.5 Grendel package. The rifle is made by Howa. I have no experience with this company. How you rate their product? The rifle comes with a hogue stock. Never had one. What is this a solid rubber piece? Last question, which barrel option would you go with on this, the 22" inch heavy or 20" heavy? Seems like it could be, in the words of Master mamalukino, "a fun gun."

  • I have found the Howa to be a well made barreled action. The area they come up short in is the stocks typically. After market availability is limited; however, more and more stock and chassis are becoming available. The mini action from them is new and I have not heard back from XLR if they will be making a chassis to fit. I would go with the longest heavy barrel available.
    When you compare the Remington action to the Howa from a technically analytical perspective the Remington definitely comes up short.
    Integral recoil lug
    Flat base
    CNC machined drop forged receiver which is thicker and more rigid than Remington's
    One piece drop forged bolt
    Lighter firing pin
    More durable steel extractor
    Smooooth as silk....well maybe..but much smoother than a Remington

  • Howa's are good little guns. They lack a lot of aftermarket support, but if a guy is looking for an inexpensive rifle which can hold its own... a Howa is a pretty good choice.