Rhyno RRT

  • Been awhile since I posted one of these. Today’s goal was just to throw a scope on the new 22Lr and see roughly what it can do.

    It’s a Thompson Center T/CR22 which is Thompson Centers 10/22 clone. Seems to be a little better machined then a Ruger 10/22, it has an integrated locating rail, and peep rear sight at the back of the receiver with a fiber optic front sight. It also features a hole in the back for a cleaning rod, last round hold open on factory magazines, andyou simply pull the bolt back to release it.

    Unfortunately the factory mag is a pain in the butt, so i’ll be getting some 10/22 magazines for it.

    The factory trigger is plastic like the 10/22 and that’s disappointing, and it’s terrible.

    But I bought it just to throw in the pickup/utv and squirrel rabbit hunting. And it will do fine for that.

    I also brought out both of my 40x 22Lr and fired a few round through them. Nothing to impressive.

    It’s also hovering around 0* outside don’t know what it is for sure because mummy kestrel want working.


  • Got a little steel target to practice with the rabbit rifle. Standing shots today from 25 yards back to 50.

    Only a few unfortunately not a lot of light left when I get home.

    The goal is to get use to shooting a rifle free hand, and also get use to iron sights as I don’t shoot them often.

    Anyways rifle was the TC/R22


    This thing will definitely be getting a trigger at some point.

  • 11 rounds tonight shot the top 2” target standing at 25 yards. TC/R22

    7 hits on it
    3 on the backside when I was trying to get it to flip back up when it got stuck in the snow
    And 1 on a different target.

    I also had the first failure in the gun. A Failire to fire, shoot the same case 3 times it finally went off on the third time. I’m betting it was a Ammo issue since it was bulk federal 36gr hollow points. But it will be logged.

    I haven’t been keeping track on the number of rounds fired, but i’ll Be doing so now, I can get a rough estimate based on empty ammo boxes. Never even thought of it since this isn’t a precision rifle. I see now that may have been a mistake.


  • Have you thought about a red dot sight? I put one on a Remington 597 and shoot possums and armadillos at the ranch with it. Dang things are everywhere and the Dillo's have about dug the back porch steps up and now I have a snake nest under them. Only thing is batteries dying but I can take the dot off and still have sights if necessary. Probably couldn't hit anything though. I have a co witness dot sight for an AR22 but I doubt if it would be right for that rifle. It's made for an AR and if the battery dies it still has the rear peep sight. I didn't go to extremes on the 597, I grabbed a Tasco dot at a local gun shop for just a few bucks and knock on wood it still works after sixteen years or so.

  • @bigfoot I have, and I might do that. But not at this time, unfortunately this rifle is not going to have an easy life. The badgers have been destroying some of the things on the farm and to many times last year I saw one without something other than my EDC to shoot it with.

    So it’s going to ride with me in the side by side and work pickup, it will get dusty and muddy, and soaking wet, and i’m Just not sure I want to add something that might fail onto it.

    I might some day yet, but I like the thought of iron sights for this for the time being. Plus I don’t shoot iron sights all that often so it’s something different to experience.

    Now 22 might be a bit small for badger, i’m not sure yet if it will work, I would prefer a 22 mag at least but I know they shot a couple out on the east farm with them last year.

  • @rhyno I have no experience with Badgers but do know that all a 22 will do is piss off a big raccoon.

  • @bear9350 yea me either really. I also have a little j-frame 38 special I’ll probably carry more often as well next year.

    I’m tired of closing badger holes and falling in them haha.

  • @rhyno
    Sometimes one hit on a big Dillo won't slow them down. All they do is grunt and head to the back steps for their hole. Their shells are like a rib cage with spray on bed liner applied, a 22 hollow point barely will penetrate it on a big one at longer distances. I bet a Badger has some tough hide and bones. They can dig like a back hoe I do know that. My Dad trapped a few when he was young I guess they stay away from humans most of the time. If they dig worse than the Armadillo's I don't want them around.

  • @bigfoot I’ve never been around an armadillo but it’s not uncommon for a badger to dig right in the middle of a well traveled gravel road. Or even now when the ground is slightly frozen with a few inches to feet of snow you’ll drive by and see a fresh mound of dirt.

  • 7Yr5CIK.jpg

    Missed twice today, there are 9 shots on that target.

    Tomorrow morning I plan on going out and seeing if I can get a rabbit or squirrel.

  • Well unfortunately we did not go hunting yesterday. Oh well, still I shot a few rounds:

    The iron sights are not set up well unfortunately. It's hard to get a 25 yard zero without moving the rear sight so it is a little off of the adjustment zone. It is hanging off a little. At least on my rifle. Guess I will just have to adjust my hold.

    Today I shot at 50 yards

    That's not great, hopefully as I continue to shoot Irons this improves, I'll have to come up with better targets as well as my eyes couldn't see much of the target, the dot slightly. Lessons learned however. I did go 7/10 on the bigger steel target.

    So far The rounds I've shot are as follows
    5 CCI Velocitor
    5 CCI Mini Mags
    65 CCI Stinger
    15 Lapua Center-x

    Unknown Federal 38gr Bulk (Load number 730) these are bulk boxes of 275 so when I empty it i'll have a better idea.

    2 failures to fire, both with the Federal bulk.

  • 9/10 yesterday with a failure to feed on the last round.


    I do believe that is a magazine issue.

  • I have had horrible luck with anything bulk pack lately. Many that won’t fire at all. I have gone to cci for my “cheap” 22 ammo now and it is better.

  • @dddoo7 that’s been my experience in the past, I was hoping these were somewhat higher quality and really only two failures to fire so far isn’t terrible.

    In the future i’ll Probably just buy CCI minimags in bulk.

    Although it will take awhile I have about 2600 of these federales remaining.

    The last round failure to feed i’m 99% sure is a magazine issue, the Thompson center magazines while nice because they hold the bolt open, are not worth the added difficulty. I’ll be getting regular 10/22 magazines.

  • @rhyno try some GECO it is on the cheaper side but I have had very good results with it and have not had a fail to fire in excess of 10,000 rounds.

  • @tpk936 I’ll check it out. I use Lapua in my bolt guns.

  • I’ve had good results with CCI standard velocity. Never had a failure to fire with them and the shoot extremely well from my little AR 22. My daughter wears the 200 yard prairie dog popper out with them every time I take with me.

  • @rhyno I shoot it in my 40X bolt gun. It shoots well. Might have more flyers then Lapua but at 50 yards it is solid. At 100 yards does well but not as tight as Lapua center X.

  • Been awhile since I've posted a range report, truth is I haven't done much shooting in the last year, and when I have it's been pistol and AR15.

    I'm hoping to shoot more, but I'll have to find a new range as people keep messing up the one I go to and I expect the owners to shut it down or severely limit it.

    Anyways, I Sent my bolt for my 26p to Greg Tannel to get bushed, so that will be gone for a bit.

    But I did get a new rifle to shoot in the meantime, a Bergara HMR in 6mm Creedmoor. I was looking for a cheaper gun to use for coyote and deer hunting, and the gun dealer had this one for a low price so I snatched it up.


    This rifle had possibly the worst action I have ever felt, which is strange as I handled one at a gun show and it was much better. It was neck and neck with my brother Ruger 77 Hawkeye, for terrible action. It was gritty, it sounded like it was in a sandstorm for a week before I got it, and I joked that Bergara must be using lapping compound for bolt finish

    I've never sent a rifle back, but I thought about sending this back, it was that bad.

    After hours of cleaning, and cycling the action, and cleaning and re-lubeing and repeating it finally got to a point that was acceptable, but now the bolt finish, and race finish in the action is completely stripped away.


    Took it out to the range today, I got 80 rounds of Hornady match 108 ELDMs pretty cheap because the gun dealer had accidentally ordered it and its sat on his self for 2 years.

    It was 18*-22* degrees, it was cold.

    Got it sighted in, and shot a 5 round group, the mirage off the barrel after the 3rd round was pretty bad, and it effected the group but it still put 5 rounds in a group about .6" big.


    Then I went back and shot 3 rounds at 200, and 300, and 5 rounds at 400 to get some dope, both the 200 and 300 groups were about an MOA sized group, but I wasn't shooting for groups, and at 400 yards I was seated in the bed of my pickup, with no rear support with the bipod resting on the tailgate just because I wanted to see if I could hit my target like that (went 4/5)

    It was a pretty fun day, cold but fun. Despite the rough start with the gun it shot well, the trigger is really nice for a factory trigger, and the adjustable stock is nice, the HMR setup with an adjustable stock, and DBM is really nice.

    Come ups were:
    1.25 moa at 200
    3.25 moa at 300
    5.50 moa at 400

    Didn't get a velocity reading today, didn't want to mess with it since it was so cold.

    This should be a nice coyote gun, I only wish the barrel was shorter but it's not a huge deal.

  • Also does anyone know of a good short muzzle brake?

  • @rhyno said in Rhyno RRT:

    Also does anyone know of a good short muzzle brake?

    You really should quit playing around with muzzle brakes and just go ahead and order a Thunderbeast. LOL

    BTW-- That is decent groups for a rifle in that price range. I have a friends 6.5 CM in the same rifle that I played with a little bit and it shot in the 0.75" range with factory Berger ammo. Not too bad for the money spent.

  • @dddoo7 I know, I really need to get a suppressor, or.... three. Worried about length, I wouldn't mind cutting 6" off of the barrel on this.

    These seem like a decent factory gun, don't know why the action on mine was so bad, I fondled a couple more at a gun show and they were all much better.

  • @rhyno

    The one I have handled was brand new when I got it and it is smoother than most factory rem 700’s I have handled. I don’t know why yours was so bad. The removed finish suggests that there might have been grit or something still on the metal when it was coated. Looks like you took lapping compound to it.

    I don’t know that I would go much shorter on the barrel. You might lose more velocity than you really want to. You might check with Greg on that though. My 22cm is 26”.

  • @dddoo7 it felt like lapping compound coated it.

    I've never spent so much time cleaning a new rifle, but no matter how much I cleaned it, or lubed it it didn't help.

    The only thing that helped was about 2 hours of dry fire and cycling the action, wiping it off and relubeing it every few minutes.

    I'll probably keep it as it is, it's not a big deal.

    I was wondering, how many pieces of brass did you order? I want to order enough brass (when I get to that point) to last the life of the barrel, but I dont know how long the barrel will last or how long the brass will last. Just guessing I would suspect 300-500 pieces will probably do.

  • @rhyno

    I ordered 500. I have about 450 or so actually being used. They are being loaded pretty hot so I will probably only get about 3 firings out of the brass, but it should still be enough.

    If I were you, I would get at least 500 or so depending on how hot you plan to load them.

  • @rhyno It's really not difficult to burn up a 6 creed barrel. ;)

    You could easily do it with 200 pieces of brass, and only about 6x firings each.

  • @dddoo7 what brass are you using?

    I plan on shooting mild loads, probably 108 ELDms or 103 eldx, maybe the 105 BTHPs. Mostly for deer, coyotes, and such I don't plan on shooting this a ton.

  • @orkan I didn't figure it would be, don't know the barrel life on it but o figured if I got 300-500pieces and got 5 firings out of them that would be pretty close.

  • @rhyno You can expect 1000-1300rnds and it will need a new barrel.

  • I just went down to look at round count on a benchmark 30" DT barrel in 6 creed. I have 1157 rounds on it and it is still driving tacks.
    Load data: Lapua Brass, Fed 205 primer, 41.7 gr H4350, Sierra 107 match king .015 off lands. I am on the second 100 pieces of brass.
    come ups
    200 yards .2 mil or roughly .8 moa
    300 yards .7 mil or roughly 2.3 moa
    400 yards 1.2 mil or roughly 4.2 moa
    Last time I shot the 6 creed, 400 yards cold bore. I flailed the 1st one next 5 pretty good. The 6 creed is a lot of fun to shoot, no recoil and a tack driver.
    I am sure you will enjoy the 6 creed.

  • While dry firing the B14 HMR the other day I noticed something I'm not a fan of. The Trigger safety mechanism seems to be similar in function to the old R700 walker style.

    I'd have to take it apart and look at the internal to be sure, but as it is I'm not a fan of the way it functions from the outside.

    While the safety is on the trigger can still be pulled back, if the trigger is held back and the safety is taken off the firing pin drops. So if for whatever reason the trigger becomes lodged back, or doesn't return to its forward position before you switch the safety off, the gun will most likely go off. (I haven't made it to the range to confirm this, but the firing pin drops like it would when you pull the trigger, since it seems like the sear is only being held back by the safety)

    So it looks like I will be getting a new trigger for this thing eventually, and when I do I plan on opening the factory one up to see how it functions. You would think after that whole R700 fiasco and lawsuits people wouldn't design a trigger in a similar manner, but this one sure acts like it's very similar or has a similar failure point.

  • My bolt came back from Gre'Tan rifles.

    Before (I didn't realize it was as bad as it was, Greg had to use a larger than normal bushing to fix it.)

    Very nice, I'll be sending my other bolt off soon as well just in case I get some hot factory ammo again, maybe it won't be as bad.

  • This is what happens when you don't have the best self control, go to a gun show, and see something that makes you nostalgic for a different time.

    When I started looking into LR shooting people would reccomend the 5R Milspec and R700P, and the shorter 308s like the 700P LTR and AAC-SD. Simpler times, not that I dislike today, the advancements in long range shooting and everything involved in it are great, this is just nostalgic.

    And I kind of always wanted one just couldn't afford it at the time just out of high school and going to tech school.

    Well I ended up with this after a gunshow, it's a rifle with a name that is way to long a Remington 5R Gen2 in 308. It has a H&S stock in tan (I like tan rifles) with black texturing, comes from the factory with an oversized bolt knob (someone told me they used some weird threads that makes finding a different knob difficult but I don't plan on changing it) factory threaded 20" fluted barrel in 1-11.25" and is factory cerakoted black.


    I had a SWFA SS10x scope laying around and got some Hawkins Precision hybrid rings from Travis along with a rail for the bipod. A combo of parts that gives me a little more room for loading rounds in the magazine.

    I don't really plan on changing much with this rifle, the trigger and get it it's own bipod (thinking the Atlas CAL) just a rifle I plan on keeping simple and shooting. Don't even know if I will reload for it, factory ammo can be bought for around $.90 a round (both FGMM and Prime 308 175 were about that and FGMM 168 was a little less)

    Now I'm waiting to get to the range, if my ammo shows up maybe this weekend, supposed to be cold though.

  • @rhyno
    I hate to tell you this but Gun Fever isn't something you grow out of when you get older. It's not like measles it's more like hepatitis. Once you got it that's pretty much it. In some cases it gets worse with age :/ I have a Remington barrel screwed into a Mauser that has that same twist rate also a 308 Winchester. I don't think it's a 5R and I wouldn't know what to look for to tell if it is. It supposedly came off of a Sendero that's all I remember when I bought it. I don't see "Sendero" stamped anywhere on the barrel though.

  • Shot the 5R Gen 2 today finally.

    Shot 22 rounds, got it zeroed and got DOPE out to 505 yards (though I didn't chronograph it yet)

    Wasn't a great day shooting, kept recoiling left and high, and couldn't get it to stop, part of it may have been that I'm shooting on top of snow but I'm not sure. I didn't really try to diagnose the issue.

    34* F
    27.80 InHG
    63% humidity

    100Y 0
    199Y .7m up
    301Y 1.6m up
    410Y 2.9m up
    505Y 4m up

    Federal gold medal match 175gr.

    Only shot 1 group at 100 yards, and it was 1.1 moa, not great my fault should have tried harder and settled down after digging my pickup out, but when I shot at distance it was much better.

  • Shot the 5r gen2 again today. Got chrono data and shot a couple of groups.

    Shot at 100 yards
    FGMM 175SMK

    Prime 175 (older stuff)

    Also chronographed both loads.
    FGMM 175SMK 5 shots
    2486 FPS avg
    29 ES
    11 SD

    Prime 175 5 shots
    2449 FPS Avg
    31 ES
    12 SD

    Slow gun, might have to reload just to try and get some speed. But it will be interesting to shoot this in some wind.

  • So I mentioned that I though the Bergara trigger was similar to the old Walker trigger that people sued Remington over.

    Internally there's some design changes to the geometry of parts, but it functions pretty much the same as the Walker trigger. And should the pull weight/trigger return spring break, or should debris accumulate in the trigger mechanism this trigger will end up having the same issues as the Walker trigger.

    A refresher on what that was, because the safety does not stop trigger movement (it only prevents the sear from falling) with the safety on the trigger can be pulled. If debris accumulates in the right areas (pretty easy to do the Bergara trigger has plenty of ways for debris to enter) or if the spring breaks the trigger will be unable to reset to engage the sear. So if the trigger gets pulled with the safety on, and doesn't reset, when the safety is released the sear will drop and the gun will go off.

    Bergaras change in spring design will mostly prevent this from happening if someone improperly adjusts the trigger (something Remington alleged caused the issue) but if the spring breaks, or if dirt prevents the trigger from resetting, the result will be the same.

    Pretty simple trigger design though, one adjustment screw, two springs.


    I've tried to explain this (imo) design flaw to several people, but unfortunately people get to emotionally attached to the tools they buy and if you say anything bad you're just called a hater.

    To me the first thing I would do with a Bergara going forward would be to replace the trigger. At least on their B14 series, their higher end Premier lineup use a TriggerTech Trigger.