6.5 Grendel Fur Bearing Round?

  • Hey guys! I was just reading the article on the short action bolt rifle in 6.5 Grendel. I don't know much about this round so I headed on over to wiki to read about it. Seems like this could be a fun cartridge yotes and the like. What do you think? Wiki commented that the round is, " a low recoil, high accuracy,** 200-800** yard cartridge specifically for the AR-15 platform." LOL, not sure what's going on between muzzle to 200 yards. So anyways, what do you think? Good round for yotes particularly if you are concerned about pelt damage?

  • I'm generally more of a fan of fast and light for shooting coyotes. That said, I think the 6.5 Grendel with something along the lines of a 95VMax would work well. Probably wouldn't be particularly fur friendly though..

  • I tend to agree with @tscustoms. Though it would really depend upon your area. Out here in the great plains, the velocity really helps us make the shots we might otherwise miss. If you have much shorter distances in heavily wooded areas, obviously the velocity doesn't help as much.

    The 6.5 Grendel wouldn't be my first choice, but it would be a better choice than a .223. If you can tell us more about the area you hunt, and the typical distance you'll be shooting, I could make a recommendation on what cartridge to get chambered up in an AR which would be best suited to killing coyotes. (I assume you wanted an AR?)

  • @orkan

    Actually, I am not necessarily sold on an AR for yotes. I have always been a bolt guy. I mean, I carried an M4 Commando for a long time and liked it but, I just enjoy a bolt gun. Now, that being said, I was considering an MK12 Mod 1 build to pacify two wants. The M4 I no longer have access to. So I would like one. The MK12 being an "accurized" rifle, 5.56 and an AR platform seemed to me like it would have fit the bill. The two wants being a rifle to whack yotes and an AR platform. I have yet to go hunting coyotes. Most guys that I have spoken to around here hunt them with dogs. Only one gentlmen that I have met hunts them as you do in your videos. Typically an open farmers field.

  • @jekyl dang dog hunters ruin it for anyone with a gun.

    But if you ever get a chance to go with one of them do it, it's quite entertaining.

  • @rhyno

    That's funny because the people who mentioned the yote hunters that used the dogs made some pretty negative comments about using the dogs to hunt the coyotes.

  • @orkan
    Out of curiosity, what's wrong with a .223 for coyotes?

    The few (2) that I've shot, fell over and expired with the 70gr Berger VLD load you helped me develop over on SC

    One was just over 300 the other was around 220 or so.

    California Coyotes are small and gross though. They're the mangy crack heads of animal world. Not like those magnificent wolf crossed dogs you have up in SD.

  • @ragnarnar said:

    Out of curiosity, what's wrong with a .223 for coyotes?

    California Coyotes are small and gross though. They're the mangy crack heads of animal world. Not like those magnificent wolf crossed dogs you have up in SD.

    Answered your own question there. :) Our coyotes are as tough as they come. I have cranked them with my 22-243 at 4100fps right in the chest, only to have them run off 150yds before dying. There is an episode on the youtube channel from last fall that shows exactly that. Those tiny little southwestern coyotes are a whole other thing. They definitely don't take as much gun... and usually don't present the long shots like we have here in the north.

    I should have quantified that regarding "our" coyotes rather than all coyotes. :)

  • @orkan

    I should have figured it was something to that end.

    I was thinking it had something to do with saving the furs. I don't even want to touch the ones I killed. You can damn near see the fleas through the scope.

    I figured the 22-243 caused the round to splatter and prevent the over penetration. I notice most the dogs I've seen you pose with don't seem have any exit wounds....

    In my case the target round blew through both of them. Shot placement is what killed them.

    Is there a bounty up where you are? or do you skin them out and sell them or something?

  • Yes, we can sell a good coyote for $40 on the hoof. Yet my primary mission is to make them dead, and I like when they become dead right there on the spot. Track jobs take up time, not to mention aren't as fun to watch on the subsequent video. The 22-243 is like a lightning strike most of the time. Travis was running a 22 Creedmoor for the latter part of last year and had fantastic success as well.

    Lots of ways to kill coyotes, but up here a .223 just doesn't have the mustard to really get it done well. A guy can't always put the round exactly where it's suppose to go, and the fast 22 cal's buy us a little forgiveness.

    Jekyl, I think the 6.5Grendel is a great little cartridge. I would see you having a lot of fun with it! Yet when it comes to AR's, there is a certain utility in being able to have that much 5.56 ammo laying around. A guy has to get pretty specific regarding your requirements before I could really narrow it down. Lets not forget there are a TON of other really cool rounds you can shoot in an AR. Heck, a 204 ruger makes a pretty great little coyote round. Much better than a .223.

    Personally, if I were in your position I'd simply buy 2 rifles. I'd buy the AR you want, in 5.56, setup just how you want it. Then I'd call @tscustoms and get him started on a custom bolt gun built out how I wanted it. :)