Santa was running a few days late

  • Friend of mine gave me a Polaris razor 170 that his kids had out grown so we went and picked it up today. Few hours later I had it running and the fun began! These two kids have run the dog out this thing today. We’ve got close to 10 inches of rain the past week so it’s pretty bad here and I’ve been very impressed with how capable it is, they followed me all over our place this evening through some pretty nasty stuff.


  • @bull81 did you have to tie bricks to their boots to reach the petals? Lol. My daughter would be in heaven in that thing. She currently rides a kitty cat snowmobile which she has out grown in 2 years. Grandpa bought her an old enticer and fixed it up for this year. I'm still not completely comfortable letting my kid operate a machine on her own, but she does pretty good. How old are your 2?

  • @donnie
    Ava is the oldest and she just turned 7 Lyla is 3.5. Ava’s actually sitting on a phone book so she can see better but the seat on that thing slides way way up. She has it set at about the half way point. I’m with you on being uneasy about them on it part so won’t let them ride it without me with them. It’s governed to about 10 mph right now. The speed control is adjustable so I can slow it down or speed it up if I see the need.

  • @bull81 7 is a good age to drive a governed atv. My daughter turned 7 in October. We have to watch her on the snowmobile, she gets the same look I'm sure I do when I start looking at steep inclines, and she points uphill lol. She's only climbed ditches but has grasped the concept of carving and side hilling. Shes quite the little rider at only 7yrs old. On the quad, we are a little more careful with where we let her ride. She has demonstrated she can counter steer if things go squirrely, but like any kid she doesn't fully understand the danger. My son is turning 3 in January and we hide all keys to everything cause he is insane lol. For some reason he can figure out how to start most things and knows where the throttle is.

  • Careful what ya get them interested in, it can get spendy LOL

    This was Drew at 18 he had gridded up as a pro racer with MotoAmerica.... Oh the guns i could have owned back then! LOL
    Glad he's on his own building guns for me now!