Mother Nature isn’t being very nice

  • Took this week off to do some hunting, I got a new 22 and I haven’t shot a deer.

    Monday me and a buddy went out to try and get some rabbits and squirrel and scout out some public land for deer, it was a great day for it nice and sunny, unfortunately we failed at getting any rabbits.

    Tuesday was Christmas spent it with the family.

    Wednesday was windy and rainy

    Thursday was a blizzard

    Today is a continuation of the blizzard, I can barely leave my house.

    So much for that plan!

    Oh well Saturday and Sunday look like they’ll be Sunday I’ll try for rabbits again, just a little slower.

    I guess on Wednesday my dog chased a squirrel up her dog house and I shot it, but I let her have it.

  • 8R2e3cu.jpg

    Lots of drifts, still waiting for the county to come down my road, I have to get out by driving across the field.

  • Holy Moly man, I was contemplating mowing the clover down in my yard today. We cleaned the pool yesterday and I BBQ'ed a couple of chicken halves down here on the coast. A little chilly to take a dip but a long ways from that white stuff I see everywhere. My older sister flew back to New Jersey yesterday but I haven't caught up with her yet and according to my know it all phone weatherman it's about the same temperature there as it is here at a balmy 58 degrees. We're headed west in the next few days and it's supposed to get down in the 40's and then maybe freeze later next week but none of that stuff. We don't know how to operate in that. My middle sister and her clan once lived in Cleveland Ohio but I never made it up there. I saw pictures of my brother in laws beard frozen and that was enough for me. Mom and Dad went in the winter and he said never again. We had a crazy phenomenon one year when the bays all froze and the temperatures were below twenty degrees for a several days. It doesn't happen very often. :)

  • I was never bothered by the winter, but winter in Nebraska is something else, this wind makes it tough, even a little snow makes things weird when the winds blowing.

  • Well the good thing about the snow is if I move it right I get a firing range.