Caliber Recommendation

  • I got a great deal on a Mausingfield bolt action and a great deal on a Manners EH3 stock with CIP length bottom metal.
    I have both the .589 and the .536 bolt heads for the Mausingfield.
    It will be suppressed with my Sico Harvester Big Bore.

    I'm going to build one barrel for 300NM.
    I am looking for recommendations for another lower-recoil barrel (compared to 300NM), that will work in CIP length, that has either a .536 or .589 bolt head. This will be my more 'everyday' barrel vs the 300NM.

    I'm thinking 6.5 PRC. Looking online, it seems it should work in a long action.
    I guess I'm not opposed to buying a new .474 bolt head and extractor for the .308 sized cartridges, but they are another $250. I do have a 7 LRM in my DesertTech, so I would like to stay away from that, and anything with a belt.
    Anything else cool that I should be considering?

  • 6.5 PRC will feed from a properly tuned long magazine and you'd have unlimited length possibility. Long throated 7saum would not be a bad option either depending on how much less recoil you are wanting to get away from.

  • 6.5PRC takes its place beneath the 7LRM, so it would be different enough from the LRM and the 300 Norma to give you something else to play with. ... or you could go for a big 6.5, like a 26 nosler and really spit those 264 bullets out. Really fun for about 600-800rnds. Though I wouldn't call that an "every day shooter" by any stretch.

    6.5PRC pretty much wins the day in the practicality department when considering a traditional action.