Prometheus Maintenance

  • I have been playing with some new tweaks on the machine lately, and the actuation started getting a little stiff-jerky-squeeky so I did some maintenance and then thought it would be good topic to go over here.
    I suggest only using grease and no oil. This is to mitigate potential flow of contaminants into the bearings which is huge no-no

    Get a Q tip and wipe off both faces of the slotted Lift Arm. This holds the wire which lifts the stopper ball. Get it clean, then put some fresh grease on clean Q tip and re-apply a light coat to Lift Arm. Remember, just do the faces. A bit will migrate to the slot and this is sufficient.

    Clean, then grease the left side of the rotor of the uniflow where the magnet rides. If you have not done this before it can make big impact on how smooth the unit feels as you cycle it. You may need to get small Allen wrench and remove the little device that retains the magnet and maybe wipe off face of magnet and give it a dab of new grease also.

    Keep inside of machine dust free. I have had a couple units come back for some R&R that were ridiculously dusty inside...
    Keep a small artists paint brush handy and sweep out the unit occasionally. DO NOT use compressed air to blow interior out!!
    ( this is kind of a do as I say not as I do for those that have visited and watched me do just this.... but I have a specific method in doing so and if needed can strip the machine to clean up.... you do NOT want to have to try this or I will likely get a box of parts with a request to 'fix it' )
    The potential for getting some dust into the bearings exists and that will impact how the scale functions.

  • Greasing the magnet on the uniflow rider is something I do often, and it makes a huge improvement on the overall feel of things.

    Good post Brand. I'll sticky it.

  • As a follow up to greasing under the magnet that rides on the Uniflow rotor....
    I have been testing an upgrade and can see no detriment by now and is an easy improvement you can do yourself.

    • remove magnet and degrease magnet with acetone or lacquer thinner ( wife's nail polish remover is basically acetone and should suffice)
    • cut a small piece of thin felt that fits inside perimeter of magnet and superglue this to the magnet. Let dry thoroughly.
    • grease the felt and re-install. Due to thickness of felt, you may have to gently bend the st st retainer a bit to ride the magnet properly.

    All this does is create a grease reservoir. I have not tried with other material such as piece of old T shirt, but cannot see why that would not work also.