Technology Crushes Hope

  • The summer was really hot & dry, from about May until October there wasn’t even a shower nor a day under 100. Then it flooded and turned off windy & cold for two months. I got my truck & skid steer buried in the pasture for the whole month of November. My hunting stand is a half mile trek from the house through mesquite & beaver tail cactus, no fun in the dark. To make it all better, my only shot so far was a juvenile coyote. So I dug up a game camera Thanksgiving & put it on the trails that cross my sendero. Picked it up Thursday. Four raccoons, three boars & one yearling spike; all nocturnal, two jakes that cross about noon each day. I’d hunt somewhere else but there’s a full house turnout for Christmas deer hunting. Guess I better go by the library tomorrow to get a book to read.

  • @rr2241tx Interesting point. One might be happier not knowing.

    However, just because you haven't seen anything on the cams, doesn't mean there's nothing there. Big ol' boy might walk by the first time. Game cams keep a lot of hunters on the couch. They aren't really hunters.

  • The rains RR is referring to didn't get as severe where our property is east of there so it's pretty much business as usual. No river bottoms or major creeks like the hill country has and I would guess some animals were displaced to higher ground during that event. I saw one picture of a spot near Utopia where over sixty head of axis deer had gathered on a high spot. The owner of that place was pretty happy about it for sure. My cousins property about a mile from me takes in about three square miles and is low fence and is hunted for whitetail primarily and some pig hunts after deer season. It's all managed and they are through for the year shooting ten point and above bucks as of last week. They will take a few eights and any spikes that are old and that's it. I don't know how many the guy that runs the hunting strives for or how he comes up with a number but he has run a successful operation for many years there. I know the last day they shot three deer all over ten point and all but one very big bodied. The smallest bodied deer still scored 160 points but was a bit light according to my cousin. He should know, he's pushing 80 and was raised on that ranch. I do know when it's dry the does will leave their fawns and that's a fact. I haven't heard or read anything about the fall floods and the impact on animals it has had around that area. Just speculation.

  • Thanks for the pep talk Orkan. I went to QuiltGal’s stand late and about ten minutes later a nice cull buck came through. A 195 gr Hornady Interlock 8 mm hit him in the brachial plexus when he stepped into a gap in the brush and he froze right there. He’s hanging in the oak tree behind the house tonight. I’m thinking backstrap medallions for lunch. Wish liver and onions but QuiltGal does not allow liver in her kitchen. Coyotes got lucky tonight. Oh, so did I, not stuck this time.

  • @rr2241tx Congrats! Good on you for getting out there.

  • @rr2241tx
    Oh man, backstrap dredged in flour and fried in a big cast iron skillet with some milk gravy made with the drippings. Some mashed potatoes and yeast rolls to mop it all up. Glad you got one.

  • @rr2241tx congrats on the deer. It’s a shanr that liver with onions is banned from the kitchen. Good stuff!