Hog Trapping

  • A clip from a video I made back in 2013 of a trapper I had on my place catching a few pigs. He removed 112 in six days but had to leave to go do some work in Giddings, Texas. Oil related stuff drilling seismic wells or something. Anyway, I have several videos this one being kind of humorous if you don't worry too much about electric boy with his hot shot. I have another one shot the same day where a pig went straight up and got its head through the top panel and hung there suspended while they loaded the trailer. Country girl beat on its snout with her fist and Mike finally grabbed its tail and got it loose. I got to edit it out and You Tube it. pretty funny.

  • Interesting.

    My father in law catches hogs in Mississippi some. They are not allowed legally to open the cages without first shooting the hog. They don’t want any chance that they will escape.

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    He was taking these to another holding pen and they were picked up at that place and taken to a Feral Hog buyer that was located where he lived. These places have to get some kind of approval from the state and I heard they were being shipped to an Asian buyer on the west coast. They had a minimum size and the little ones he kept and fed and watered them until they were ultimately given away or so he claimed. I know they pay a bonus for really big ones and don't even want the little ones. A few high fence ranches would take them for hunts and some dog trainers took the small ones to train dogs. That's about all I care to know about hog trapping. Sounds like a good deal but this guy had almost seventy traps he was dealing with on various places. He put seven or eight traps on my little place and some held lots of pigs and he also had a trailer with a water tank in it he left pigs in over night. They could make one day in the trailer and then needed to be penned up at his place. I think he had eighty acres or so with some big holding pens. Not too glamorous of a job. His brothers consulting company had some time off between drilling jobs so he was running traps for a couple of months. I know one of my neighbors took a load in to a facility in Devine Texas and a bunch of the little ones were rejected and he brought them back to his place and disposed of them. He said one guy left from there and went up the road a piece and turned his loose. Not too smart. Before we sold our pasture land our lessee brought his helicopter and some shooters and managed to kill around 200 one day. They had a refrigerated trailer and one big flatbed they hauled dead pigs off on. My dad didn't want them leaving a bunch of carcasses in the pasture so they did their best to retrieve what they could. No way they found all of them. I made the mistake of hauling a trap there and my wife and I set it on the backside of the property to be out of sight. I tied the door up so it wouldn't catch anything and threw some corn in to get them used to it. We messed with it a couple of days and I ran out of corn and I'll be danged if I didn't get one tangled up in the trip wire inside the trap. It was about the size of a Beagle so I tried to grab it and jerk it out of there and the fight was on. I should have shot the stupid thing but it got loose and hauled ass. I tied the door shut and let the professional use it. The heck with that.

  • I found all my hog videos finally. They're on the internal memory of the camera. I will have to load them on my computer one day and play back the hanging pig.

  • My little trap generally won’t hold but one or two and really helps out the sausage making. One time though I thought maybe I could catch a puma in it. Deer guts were thrown in for bait and a warm front blew in about sunset. By morning it was nearly 80 so right after breakfast we went to check the trap with a Casull revolver. There were 6 150# bachelor boars packed in so tight it was hard to count them. They were pretty calm until Kathleen pointed the pistol and they went wild! She managed six head shots and got the noise stopped. The side swinging gate was wedged by dead hogs covered in rotten guts but she squeezed in and shoved them out to me. Bad news was, she expected me to butcher all six! By the third one I was down to dry heaves and the sun was beating down, amplifying the stench. Number 6 got cut up in record time with a knife duller than its handle. I didn’t eat a single bite of sausage that entire year. The hog trap has been “on loan” for about four years since then.

  • As I promised, the one that tried to get away. I missed the first part of the rodeo but got in on the release.

  • The same morning from the first trap to the last on this side of the pasture. We had three or four more on the east side of the property that caught about as many as these did. I don't know who that goofy person is talking to the pigs and he can barely do math.