Public Ranges

  • I’ve always been fortunate enough to live where I never have needed to be a part of a public range. Really good friend of mine is not as fortunate and is a memeber of a range just down the road from my house. I went with him the other day to get out the house and hang out while he worked on breaking in a new barrel. We were there 3.5 hours and fired a total of 31 rounds. Every time we’d get ready to shoot somebody would shut the range down to go check a target or put a target up. It was the most aggravating thing in the world. These guys were excited about their 100 yard pie plate sized groups and their ability to hit a 10x10 plate at 300 yards within the first 25 rounds or so and it drove me crazy. My friend shoots almost as many rounds a year as I do, after seeing what he has to deal with for load development or just general range time I have the up most respect for his dedication. I’m not sure I could be that dedicated and deal with the headache of having to depend on a place like that to shoot.

    To all of you that must drive to a public range just to shoot and work on load development my hats off to you.

  • People that go to public ranges and happily deal with whatever they are met with... they are some good people.

    People that whine about what happens at the public ranges, but then won't modify their life to get their OWN private range... they annoy the piss out of me. If shooting is that big a part of your life, then you should make life decisions accordingly. If it's not a big enough part of your life to make those decisions... then stop whining, because you aren't half as dedicated a shooter as you proclaim to be.

    There's my take on it. :)