22 Creedmoor 95 SMK load data?

  • Hi guys

    I wonder if anyone has data for the 95 smk in the 22 Creed.

    I just tried mine today from 42 to 43.2 gr of RL23 and it was fast.

    3161 to 3257(overpressure).

    Coal is 2.775 and I run Alpha brass.

    Any data with RL23, H4831 and H1000?

  • I am only running 80gr pills, however If your alpha brass preforms like my alpha brass, then you will get about 100 FPS more out of Hornady before pressure becomes an issue.

    Also, My barrel really likes H1000.

  • @dddoo7
    What's you load with H1000 with the Alpha's?

    I can confirm they can take a shot load of pressure, yesterday in QL I've forgot to change H2o between Hornady and Alpha and ended up shooting 1.2gr over max at 43.2 and got ejector mark but primer pocket are fine(3257 with 95 smk)

  • Alpha brass was showing pressure at about 3200 FPS with H4350. I got to about 3375 with hornady brass before showing pressure and have since switched to H1000 and it will run 3450 FPS. My load is 47 gr of H1000, hornady brass, 80gr. Berger’s.

  • Gave up on the RL23. Node too narrow.

    Back to H4831SC. Anyone as data with the Berger 90gr and sierra 95gr and this powder?