Big Chief

  • AKA Savage 458 SOCOM. I had mentioned this rifle I threw together a couple of years ago in another post and a sample target picture but it's gone I guess. I had taken this Vortex off and put another conventional Vortex on to do some load testing. I believe I have a 325 grain FTX load that will suffice and recently I bought a pretty good amount of Barnes projectiles at a reduced price at my favorite estate sale. Today I put the Strike Eagle back on and now it's time to go to the recipe book for a Barnes load. Sitting at a bench launching 300 grain bullets through this thing gets old kinda quick, about like shooting a nine pound 12 gauge 3.5" magnum over and over. Shooting 22's has spoiled me I guess. That brake on it keeps the muzzle flip out but doesn't do nothing for straight back, and it's a little loud. Anyway, I have a lot of choices for powder and brass galore so maybe in a couple of weeks I'll have something to show besides a bruise.

  • Dang, the recipes for these Barnes bullets are way different than the jacketed ones I have been loading. I have Teppo's quickloads and Barnes data from their site so I guess I better play by the rules and go by them and get the chronograph out of mothballs. Nothing I have shot in this thing has even flattened a primer yet. From what I have read it can de a fine line from safe to sorry with some powders especially Lil'Gun which i don't think I have tried a load yet.

  • Solids are definitely a different animal than jacketed.

  • @orkan
    Yes sir, words from the wise. I would like to get this thing in tune for some pig work after deer season. I've never shot one with it.


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