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  • Hello, new member here.

    I heard about this website from the precision rifle pod cast. Figured I would check out the place and see what’s what.

    I’ve been handloading since I was a little boy, I learned the basics of marksmanship and making ammunition at my dads knee, 30+ years ago! It has been a lifelong pastime ever since. I shot my first big game animal with ammunition I made under the watchful eye of my father.

    I now handloading for 54 calibres/bores and I don’t see a need to reduce the collection of dies and equipment anytime soon! I cast bullets and drop shot, I reload for shotguns, rifles and pistols.

    I really like M14 pattern rifles and own a small business smithing on the platform in Canada.


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  • M14’s are cool rifles. Welcome to the site.

  • @notsorichguy Welcome to Gunhive!

  • John,
    Welcome aboard. There is a wealth of experience here. I literally learn some new everyday.