What is wrong with people?

  • Just had a guy call me up asking about 22 creedmoor bushing sizes. He said he read my article and saw I said .250 bushing plus or minus... and he wanted to know what bushing size he should use.

    Now the tone of this guy was something else... belligerent, acting like he knew everything and constantly cut me off while I was talking.

    He claimed to be a coyote contest shooter with tons of experience, claimed to be a "team shooter" for a well known (well known doesn't mean quality) rifle company, claimed to have decades of benchrest experience, and claimed his father taught reloading classes for a university and also had decades of benchrest experience.

    I politely told him that the only real answer to the bushing size question was that there was no answer to the bushing size question until it was discovered during the course of load development. Then he proclaimed that he thought I used a bushing die, and insinuated I was just guessing at the bushing sizes. I was explaining that I did use a bushing die when developing my first loads... and then once bushing size is locked in a custom FL sizer is ordered to eliminate the bushing... but of course he had no time to listen to that. He spouted off about how he knows 20 guys that use the same bushing size on their things in the "benchrest circuit."

    OK Mr. Expert, if you know so fucking much, why are you calling me to get the answer to this question? Spend 30 minutes at the load bench with $50 worth of bushings and you'd have the real answer, with the components you are using, rather than a totally worthless answer given over the phone to a question that is unanswerable on its face due to technically sound reasons. The numbers published were developed using a bushing die and were published to be a "general starting guide" to people just getting started with the cartridge. If someone is telling you "use this bushing diameter" and hasn't done the work in that particular rifle... then it's a fucking guess. Nothing more, nothing less. It might be an educated guess, but it's just a guess. It could work, or not work at all. Mr. Expert could have made a guess every bit as much as I could make a guess. Loaded neck diameter minus 3 thousandths... oooooooh that's real hard math. I guess his expert reloading university teacher dad never taught him that.

    I'm truly astonished that people will call for help, and proclaim expertise, all the while being so completely ignorant of the facts and then be a totally rude asshole on top of it. A custom full length die built to the exact specs you desire is the very best sizing method available. That's the answer to this question.

    You guys all know that people whom are polite and are wanting to listen can call me anytime they want and I'll talk for HOURS about whatever precision rifle related topic you'd like to talk about. Why Mr. Expert was so convinced of his own superiority and yet called for MY help is beyond my understanding. Don't let this dissuade you guys from calling... as I've talked to most of you before and you all wait until I'm done speaking before beginning to talk again. lol

  • That happed with the wife last night! Asked my advise on something I knew she knew nothing about then told me I was wrong. Of coarse I just said your right sweetheart go ahead and do it the way you want to.
    I’ll just end up fixing it later but it’s easier than trying to argue with your wife.
    I reasearch stuff to death before I drop a wad of cash, it’s amazing how many different answers you get and how frustrating it is, then I just call Greg and go with what he says! That guy will spend all kind of time and money and then realize he should have just shut up and listened!

  • @painless
    People like that will never realize they were wrong and should have listened because they’ll never admit even to themselves they were wrong. Instead they blame it on someone or something else.

  • @painless said in What is wrong with people?:

    I’ll just end up fixing it later but it’s easier than trying to argue with your wife.

    I'd never keep a woman like that around. I'd be pissed constantly. lol

  • Soooo, what size bushing should be used?

    Sorry, Sorry, I couldn't resist poking the bear.......LOL

  • @racegunnr said in What is wrong with people?:

    Soooo, what size bushing should be used?

    Well, the right one, of course. ;)