Bad luck with Vortex products

  • Sometime last year, I purchased Vortex Vulture 15x binoculars. For the most part they have performed well, have a good clear image and have helped reduce eye fatigue when I'm spotting for critters vs using a spotting scope. I have some what babied them however until this years hunting season, due to my previous experiance with Vortex. This year they rode the truck dash, we're transported in my pack in the back of a truck down bumpy roads, stored in my ATV box, and actually put to use in general. One day I picked them up, and the inevitable happeded, large chunks of shit stuck to the inside glass. I know it doesn't affect the functionality, but man is it distracting and a piss off when you start getting pieces of crap floating around in your optics. This has been the case for 2 separate Razor HD scopes, and these binoculars. I wonder if it has something to do with the epoxies they use flaking off, or just shitty quality control? Either way, I've made up my mind that I will not waste any more money or time on Vortex products.

  • For the record, my Swarovski 10x42 EL Range binos don't have this problem. lol

    It's rare when buying high end stuff doesn't reward you with trouble free service life. It's also rare that buying low end stuff doesn't reward you with trips to the factory. ;)

    As much as you hunt, you should invest in some quality glass. Now if only Tangent Theta would make a set of range finding bino's that did better ranging than vectronix. hehe

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    @orkan said in Bad luck with Vortex products:

    Now if only Tangent Theta would make a set of range finding bino's that did better ranging than vectronix. hehe


  • More often than not, I end up using my TT 525P, or S&B 5-20 Ultrashort for judging game at distance. Depends what i have at the time. Even the clarity of the 315M goes further than poor quality glass of higher magnification. If TT started producing binos or range finders, I'd be all over that.

  • @orkan said in Bad luck with Vortex products:

    Now if only Tangent Theta would make a set of range finding bino's that did better ranging than vectronix. hehe

    Sign me up for a pair of TT 12x50 LRF binos with a mil reticle :) ..... if only.

  • I'm trying some Zeiss 10x45 Victory RF ranging binos ... just ordered them this week ... it was close call with the Swaros and with the Leicas coming in a more distant third ... but the Zeiss have an attachable lens that can fit on the rear of one of the barrels it is a 3x multiplier ... too boost up the mag to 30x for that one barrel. Mount the binos on a tripod with the 3x and it can double as a spotter, which I've been trying to find a way to avoid carrying a separate spotter.

    Will update experience with the Zeiss once I get all the parts.

  • @kansas That sounds like a sweet setup. I approach things a little differently mostly due to the amount of walking I generally do during hunting season. I find packing binos and a rifle cumbersome and most of the higher mag binos have some weight to them and take up room in my pack. I will find a target/animal of interest with my spotter or high powered binos, then drop that gear and take off with my rifle and Leica range finder. My 3 main hunting scopes are 18,20 & 25 power which I find more than enough for field judging. I have a leica 1600B and a 2700B that are each matched to a particular rifle, so that provides me with distance and elevation correction. I have the wind calls memorized per 10mph wind so that is relatively easy to compensate for. Do any of the RF Binos besides Leica give elevation corrections? I'm interested how clear of an image you can get with that 3x multiplier. Ill be watching for your update.

  • I forgot about Newcon. I guess one could blow $5000-25,000 on Newcon range finding binos that could almost do anything you ask lol.

  • Hecque, for those prices you could also get a REAL vectronix ! But unless you are calling in artillery or airstrikes not sure you need to know "those deer are at exactly 8,019 meters away !!! :)

    Yeah, I've been using my Bushy LRF as my quick day spotter, but I'm hoping these Zeiss are not too large to carry on my chest. The set I got doesn't come with a chest carry rig, so I will be looking for one that will fit. I know Greg likes some "Alaska" bino carriers and I've looked at those in the past. Need to find them again.

  • The "Alaska Classic" looks like it will work with 10x45 format binos

  • @orkan
    I got to use a pair of Swaro 12x ELs last weekend -- spectacular set of optics!