• I have rails on just about all of my rifles and swap scopes around pretty regular. I have two different scopes in LaRue QD rings and some scopes with Leupold QD that attach by tightening the flippers by hand. I guess the correct term for the Leupold design is cross bolt, don't know what you call the LaRue. Wedge or cam action. I do know the LaRue after time mar up the rail and it has to wear them after several attachments. I been shopping and at Orkan's suggestion the Kelby rings are looking better and better. I just remembered I had another LaRue set that installed using a tool, I sent them back. They hit the receiver on several of my rifles. Anyway, I like the looks of these.

  • Just so I'm clear, I was only recommending kelbly in the event of 11mm dovetail.

    If picatinny is what you're after... call TS Customs and get a set of Hawkins rings.

  • I’m a big fan of the ARC rings, they are light weight and rock solid. I swap scopes back and forth on a regular basis and once retorqued back to specs my zero never changes. I like the single bolt design because eliminates torque

  • @orkan
    Gotcha, lots of choices. I got a rail in yesterday and had a low set of Weaver Tactical six hole rings I set on it just to see if I had clearance for the 50mm bell and it sits about right. I can still get a cap on the scope to keep it clean. I will take a look at the Hawkins and the ARC models as well. Thanks guys.

    I couldn't stand it so I set my new S&B scope on the rings and snugged the cap screws down to take a look. The only scope I have to compare it to is a Nightforce SHV and going down on the list is Nikon, Vortex, and a Leupold VXR in order from the most expensive to the least. I haven't done a side by side comparison yet but its coming.

  • Lots of scope on a little gun.

  • @bigfoot Just think... if you hadn't bought all this stuff, you could have had a TT315M. ;)

  • @orkan
    I may not be through. I would like to peek through one of those TT's.

  • I classify that 10-22 I bought as "stuff". And that's being nice and not using profanity.

  • I haven't listed all the reloading "stuff" I bought. Almost another TT.